8 Tips To Help Children Read More

22 March 2024

From reading aloud to your infant to encouraging your high-schoolers to read the classics, there’s much you can do to help children read more. By encouraging your kids to be voracious readers, you’ll be doing your part to see them succeed in school and a host of other facets of life.

Sections In The Bookstore

26 January 2024

“If on a winter’s night a traveler” doesn’t focus on the physical sections of a bookstore but rather explores the diverse literary landscapes that readers encounter as they delve into different books and genres.

10 Cool Reading Games For Children

12 January 2024

Children who struggle with reading develop strategies and skills for literacy through interactive reading games. For many kids, reading is a chore. As a teacher or parent, you can change that by making reading fun and exciting. Whether kids are reading practice passages or whole novels, they can use these cool reading games to improve their skills and have fun at the same time.

How To Improve Reading in Children

29 May 2023

Reading skills are necessary for success in all subject matters. A child who struggles with reading early on is likely to stay behind and dislike reading. Helping your child improve her reading skills sets her up for success throughout school.

Ways To Get Your Kids To Read Books

20 February 2023

Television. Video games. Computers. Who has time for reading anymore? Probably not your kids. Getting your kids to read can feel like an uphill struggle unless you begin teaching them from a young age the importance of reading books for fun, rather than just books they need for school.

5 Ways to Create a Reading List

13 February 2023

If you enjoy reading but have a hard time finding books you enjoy, you may need to find a few new ways to get book recommendations and create a reading list. With very little research, you can create a fine list of books to look forward to reading. In no time, you will be overwhelmed with exciting titles.

How to organise a home library

23 January 2023

Any organisational system is only as good as one’s ability to stick to it. When you are done with a book, return it to its original spot. That way, you won’t have to sort the books again for a long time. Instead, you can spend time enjoying your newly organised home library.

Why you should Read Aloud To Your Children

16 January 2023

Children who have books read aloud to them develop language skills at an earlier age. They learn to speak better earlier and develop good vocabulary faster. These children learn to read earlier, develop thinking skills, and have good memories. They develop poise and self-confidence, the same as any adult who reads aloud.