WILD by Dawn White and Annette Demetriou


WILD by Dawn White and Annette Demetriou

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‘WILD’ will help you educate our sons about peer pressure, toxic masculinity and gang mentality

This book could not be timelier and there is never an age where it should be considered too young to teach children how to treat and respect others, and ‘WILD’ succeeds in doing this in an accessible way. This is the debut book from mum-blogger duo Dawn White and Annette Demetriou.



What if a wolf doesn’t want to be wild?

Brothers Wolfie and Wilfie are taunted and teased by the ‘wild’ wolves for not being scary, or growly or snarly and pressured to change to be ‘part of the pack’. But as the pack pounces on Granny’s basket of pies, Wolfie and Wilfie bravely come to her rescue.

Conversation starter

This book opens up conversations around peer pressure and gives children the confidence to do the right thing and ultimately, stay true to who they really are.

Where can you buy ‘WILD’?

The ‘WILD’ children’s book is available to buy from Amazon and all other good book retailers in paperback edition.

About The Authors

Mum-blogger duo, Dawn White and Annette Demetriou whose blogs empower parents and children to talk about the challenges and pressure that they may come up against, reminding them that it’s more than OK to be themselves.

About the Illustrator

Ryan Sonderegger is a young dad of three from Utah, USA. He has a successful career in special effects for TV and his new passion for illustration has earned him over 25,000 followers on Instagram.

WILD - Illustrations

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