An Office Romance Series (8 Books) by Iona Rose

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An Office Romance Series (8 Books) by Iona Rose

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We all like to think that we can keep work and our personal lives separate, however, what happens when an office romance blossoms with your boss? Iona Rose takes us on a series of office romances to showcase the highs and lows of finding love at work.

An Office Romance Series by Iona Rose

Craving The CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Published 6th January 2021

I’d never had a one-night stand before and all I wanted to do was celebrate snagging my Interview at my anticipated new job, but he was cute on steroids.

Spending time with her pregnant sister, Layne in Denver has Blair Tatum questioning whether she should be looking for jobs here, rather than in Houston or further afield. An opportunity to be close to her remaining family and be there for her new niece or nephew. A surprise phone call from the CFO of FireEye inviting her for an interview in Denver has them deciding to head out to celebrate. Blair meets a gorgeous hunk at the bar, sharing an epic kiss before heading back to her sister and best friends.

Grady Abbott has had it with his incompetent PA, firing her he knows that he needs a replacement. Thankfully his CFO, Allen Carter, offers to find one for him and will arrange everything. A business meeting over drinks has Grady heading to the bar and captivated by a beauty who is also waiting at the bar. Thinking that he’s heading home alone he gets into his car but a knock from Blair has them sharing a night of passion together. Going their separate ways he is more than a little shocked to see her at the office, especially when Allen introduces her as his new PA.

Getting off to a rough start they attempted to keep things professional, although they come close to crossing that line. Unable to fight the attraction Grady offers a no-strings-attached relationship which Blair initially refuses, Drawn together she is unable to stay away from him but conscious about crossing the personal line, yet as he deals with issues from his father she steps up – but will this bring them closer? or tear them apart?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Tempted by the CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 5th May 2021

Well, well, well, Brett O’Connell, the boss’s bad-tempered, brilliant, insufferable son is going to take over the business while his father recuperates in the hospital.
Not sure how I feel about this actually.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Trouble with the CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 29th June 2021

We were celebrating graduating from Uni and for once I really let my hair down. There was sambuca shots, lots of them, loud music, and wild dancing.
Then I spotted him. A hot hunk on his own. I did something I never imagined I would.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Keeping Secrets: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 24th February 2022

Ten years ago she betrayed me, so I walked away devastated and vowed to build the life I wanted.
I made more wealth than any human could spend, had fun, and messed around plenty too.
My friends all thought I was single because I wasn’t capable of feeling anything deep, but the truth is even after all these years, ten to be exact, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’ve tried everything, but nothing stops me from wanting her, remembering the taste of skin, the smell of her hair…

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Resisting the CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 17th March 2022

Life has a strange way of playing tricks on you though.
The delicious stranger from the bar turns out to be the new CEO at work.
Things escalate quickly. Before I know it, I’m wrapped in his big strong arms in his bed.
I think I’m falling for him, but he has a secret.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

On His Terms: A Revenge Love Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 7th April 2022

Rating: 3 out of 5.

All the years of telling myself I’m over him turned to dust. I’m still just as crazy about him as I ever was.
So what on earth do I do when he has had enough of me and throws me in the gutter where he thinks I belong?

Eight years ago Olivia Rose’s life changed forever after a simple interaction with Xander as she waited for her best friend Danny outside of the boy’s locker room. A year later they started dating, 3 years after that she broke off their relationship as they navigated college, each chasing their own dreams. Fast forward to the present and Olivia is preparing to face Xander again to see if he will help her with her mother’s medical bills. Her last resort after exhausting all other avenues.

To say that Xander King’s relationship with Olivia ended badly is an understatement, Whilst he has continued to think about her over the last four years he was surprised to find out that she had called his secretary for an appointment. Making her wait two weeks to see him, he hoped that she would cancel but nope, she is told in his office looking just as beautiful as he remembered. Conflicted on hating her and wanting her in his arms, he offers to pay the medical bills in exchange for sleeping with him – to which she walks away.

Seeing Xander again brought back all the memories and feelings she had attempted to bury. Although the guilt relating to their break up east away at her, even if she thought she was doing the right thing for him. Meeting up to discuss things turns into them grappling in each other’s arms. Xanders is determined to gain closure or something from this agreement, attempting to keep things on his terms but the past needs to be discussed in order to have any chance of them moving forward with their lives.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

CEO Grump: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 28th April 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When the billionaire’s son Max arrives to take his place as the new CEO of the company.
Three years working for Mr Miller and I’d never once seen his son and heir.
Oh, I’d heard he existed, but he’d never shown up at the office. Ever.

Ava Roberts has a less-than-ideal childhood, having been put through the foster care system and being moved between eighteen different homes. Moving to New York when she was old enough, she thanks her lucky stars she landed an executive assistant role three years ago. She like working for Mr Miller, although doesn’t understand why his son hasn’t stepped up to help with the business and the tasks which she completes. Mr Miller collapses in the office one day and has him heading to the hospital whilst Ava gains a new boss, Max Miller and sees her fellow long-time secretary retiring.

Over the years Max has heard many arguments about why he hasn’t followed in his father’s footsteps and started his training to take over as CEO one day. He is happy with his career of choice illustrating books etc until his dad has a heart attack and his hand is forced into the CEO role. He loses his father’s secretary Berry and makes her replacement, Ava, cry within minutes of his arrival in the office. Finding himself feeling protective of Ava as well as the most gorgeous woman he has ever met.

Navigating a working relationship whilst Max finds his feet, although he is coming across as a grumpy CEO. Ava is attempting to discover her past with things taking turns for the worse. Drawn together they attempt to fight their feelings but find it too difficult. Coming from different worlds Ava can’t see how this could ever work between them, especially as his mom is et on pushing him toward a family friend.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Surprise CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Published 2nd June 2022

To forget the betrayal I went out for a drink, but one shot led to another, and before I knew it I was fluttering my eyelashes telling the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on that he was perfect.
Surprise! I turned up for my new job and yes…he’s the CEO.
Life is about to get very, very complicated.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Flirting With The CEO: An Office Romance by Iona Rose

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Buy From: Amazon

Published 12th January 2023
Dual POV
Format: Paperback, Kindle

After spending the night at a club with her friend Rebecca, Summer is keen to get home and take her shoes off. Heading out early to miss the taxi rush she leaves Rebecca in the capable arms of a blonde hunk she was dancing with. Waiting for a taxi she is lost for words when the most gorgeous man she has ever seen starts chatting with her and they end up heading to his house. A passion-filled session and she sneaks out to head home, finding herself still thinking about him weeks later. Surprised to find he has just taken over her architectural company and will be working with him on a big project.

Finding his wife cheating on him had Tyler divorcing her and shying away from any deep connections with women. Although he is confused about his body’s reaction to a beauty he had a one-night stand with. Pleased to find their paths crossing again as he starts on a work project. Although they attempt to keep things strictly professional after hours of working find they are unable to fight the urge.

Distracted by thoughts of Tyler, Summer finds herself forgetting a client meeting and calls a halt to anything that was building between them. Tyler expresses that he’s happy to wait for when she is ready as there is no fighting for their connection. But as they discover and share their lives with each other, secrets and past history comes back to drive a wedge between them. Can they figure things out? or will they crash and burn?

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