Gods Among Men Series: Reading Order (3 Books) by Alta Hensley

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Gods Among Men Series: Reading Order (3 Books) by Alta Hensley

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Are you ready to discover the Gods Among Men series from USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley? Buckle in as you are about to spend some time just outside Seattle on a hidden away island that houses Olympus Manor, home to the Godwin family – and they have a lot of secrets!

Gods Among Men: Reading Order by Alta Hensley

Villains Are Made (Gods Among Men Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Published 17th January 2023
Dual POV
Format: Kindle

I know how villains are made.
I’ve watched their secrets rise from the ashes and emerge from the shadows.
As part of a family tree with roots so twisted, I’m strangled by their vine.
Imprisoned in a world of decadence and sin, I’ve seen Gods among men.
And he is one of them.

Given that this is the first book in the Gods Amongst Men series it was always going to take time to get your head around the characters and their past history etc. I do feel that a short prequel or extended prologue would have made reading this easier to get into.

Standing outside the Olympus Manor by the cliffs, twin brothers Apollo and Ares Godwin are discussing how their lives will move forward from this point. Ares faces a lengthy jail sentence for murder and Apollo is no longer wearing his wedding ring – realising that his marriage to Daphne is/was over but Godwin’s don’t divorce. A freak accident kick-starts new realities for them.

Living a failed Cinderella story, Daphne had looked for a way out of her marriage but was unsuccessful, she has attempted to come to terms with her future. An accident forces her to be thrown into Apollo’s orbit but she is unsure how to act around him. Revelations about her attempts to escape come to light and punishments are needed. His family wants her dead but Apollo has a different plan for her.

As they push and pull against each other they slowly learn more about themselves and the obstacles that were in the way of their marriage. Rescuing her sister from her abusive husband helps to ease some of the past hurts but there is something Daphne doesn’t know about the man in her bed – can they survive the truth?

Monsters Are Hidden (Gods Among Men Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Published 4th April 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

The problem with secrets is they create powerful monsters.
And even more dangerous enemies.

Recovering from the last beating her husband gave her before Apollo and Daphne stepped in to save her. Anican’t help but feel as though she is being watched as she spends time at Olympus Manor. Staying in one room as much as possible she hears creaks and bangs as she ventures out for food. Discovering that she is in fact not alone in the manor and that Phoenix lives/stays in the attic above her room. The manor has a dark history and she is surprised to find old journals under the floorboards in her room from Phoenix’s late mother.

Preferring to stay hidden in the shadows watching over the family empire, Phoenix has set up his life in the attic at Olympus Manor. Keeping an eye on things remotely at Medusa whilst looking over the houseguest left behind by his brother Apollo and his wife Daphne. Finding himself fascinated by Ani and comes to feel the light she shines into his darkness. Convincing him outdoors to feel/experience life outside of his comfortable space in the attic.

Learning that Daphne is pregnant has Phoenix and his sister Athena pondering what to do next. Daphne betrayed the family and was supposed to be killed not carrying on the Godwin name. Phoenix discovers that Ani has been hiding a secret from him and decides to strip her back to the bar basics, letting her gain comfort as she complies with his punishments. Declaring that she will bear his child, working to get her pregnant before planning to spend her away supposedly for her safety but also as Phoenix cannot fathom his feelings for her.

Vipers Are Forbidden (Gods Among Men Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Published 5th July 2023
Dual POV

Format: Kindle

It’s impossible to enter a pit full of snakes and not get bit.
Until you meet me, that is.
My venom is far more toxic than the four men who have declared me their enemy.
They seek vengeance and launch a twisted game of give and take.
I’ll play in their dark world, because it’s where I thrive.
I’ll dance with their debauchery, for I surely know the steps.

Whilst Athena Godwin might be the only Godwin daughter among three brothers growing up, there is an argument to say that she has bigger balls than them all. Stepping up to run the family business, Medusa Enterprises, commands respect from those she does business with – or she’ll gain it another way by taking them down. Hiring a PI to look into her mom’s death, who supposedly committed suicide when she was 15yo. never feeling that this was quite right she is pleased when the PI has news for her, but it appears that she is a month too late.

Attending a will reading that only Athena has been invited to from her siblings and finds that her mom adopted Perseus who is a similar age to her brother – as well as taking three of his friends under her wing. The will is split between the pair, Perseus gaining money and Athena gaining the mansion her mom and the boys lived in. Determined to make her forfeit the inheritance, Perseus, Paris, Eros and Heph set about finding ways to make her break the six-month conditions imposed by the estate.

Along the way, Athena gets to know each of the boys individually and finds that in their own way, they offer something that was missing or craving from her life. Giving up her virginity to them in more ways than one whilst trying to work out this dynamic between them. Betrayal is hiding in the wings as one of the boys truly wishes to destroy her whilst the others are happy to share her but can they solve what’s happening and find a future together?

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