Lawless MC Series {Reading Order} by K.C. Stone

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Lawless MC Series {Reading Order} by K.C. Stone

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It’s time to hop on board a Harley and spend some time with the bikers from the Lawless MC. This trio of biker’s stories interconnect and are best read in order.

Lawless MC Series (3 Books) by K.C. Stone

Rescuing Jules (Lawless MC Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I live a charmed life as the club princess to the Outlaws MC. I’m practically untouchable and my world is as close to picture-perfect as it can get, until one day when everything changes. Within a split second my life goes from normal to catastrophic.

Waking up on a dirty floor, in a dark room and partly dressed Jules cannot recall how she got there and why she feels so fuzzy. Discovering that she is not alone she learns the truth of her situation but hopes that her father or boyfriend Dom will come to her rescue and that of the girls is locked away with.

Attending a party at a fellow MC chapter Dom attempts to hide his disdain at having to attend. That was until he saw Jules from across the room, sparking a secret relationship that lasted for 10 months. As the Outlaw MC president’s daughter she was supposed to be off-limits. Hearing that she has been taken he stops at nothing to get her back, proving his love to her father and gaining his blessing.

Rescued and going through therapy Jules knows that the main threat is still at large but trusted in Dom and the Lawless MC to keep her and the fellow girls safe. Finding out more about those behind her capture Dom is determined to string them up but it appears that there are spies and moles everywhere. Long held secrets are to be revealed and revenge to be sort but can they track down the culprits before it’s too late?

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Breaking Locke (Lawless MC Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I never wanted anything more than Cara. The moment she stepped into my life it was forever changed–even though it was for a short time. Little did I know that eighteen years later she would storm back into my life. Only this time, she didn’t come alone. She has a daughter now and they’re both being hunted by a psychopath.

Waking up in hospital following a car accident, Cara finds out that her husband and Outlaw MC president was killed. Seeing her daughter Jules devasted by the news, however, whilst Cara recovers she needs to share a long held secret with Locke in case anything happens to her. This doesn’t go down well with Locke, but the news that Sal was up to shady dealings and that there is still danger around she moves in the Lawless MC clubhouse with Locke and the girls.

Reeling from the news that Cara had be hiding from him for 18 years. Locke is angry at the time he has lost with Jules. Realising that Cara had her reasons and he pushed her away ay the time, he is determined to make the most of his new life. A curveball thrown at him when a six week old baby boy appears at the clubhouse, whose mother has died and someone is claiming that he is the father.

Navigating life at the clubhouse together around their family, Cara and Locke rediscover the love that never really went away between them. Threats ate still very much apparent so the decision is made to send Cara, the girls and Killian to Ireland whilst the clubhouse goes into lockdown. But Cara is tired of being behind the scenes and needs to fight alongside her man.

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Reviving Ranger (Lawless MC Book 3)

The only people who ever came around when I needed them was the club, but then Missy walked into my life. Now demons from my past are lurking from the shadows, trying to destroy everything I hold dear. Only, those who’re trying to tear everything dear to me away don’t know what kind of savage I can be.

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