5 Reasons why Readly should be on every list this Christmas

5 Reasons why Readly should be on every list this Christmas

5 Reasons why Readly should be on every list this Christmas

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With the Christmas countdown on, it’s time to choose gifts that go the extra mile and give something special way beyond the festive season. A subscription to Readly, the digital magazine and newspaper app, is a perfect choice this Christmas. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on festive faces, is environmentally friendly and won’t make too much of a dent in Xmas shopping budgets too. Win, win, win!

5 reasons why dad will love Readly

Fill your stockings with magazines this Christmas:
a sustainable gift that’s kind on purse strings too!

Readly overs over 6,000 digital magazines and newspapers

With a Readly subscription, you can browse and read 6,300 digital magazines and newspapers whenever you wish. Plus new this year, the subscription also includes regional newspapers, podcasts and a portfolio of Disney comics and magazines.  There’s something for all the family wrapped up in one app to read on your tablet or mobile wherever you may be.

Whether you’re into interior design, pilates, tech, music, fashion, sport or gardening or enjoy reading business features, news or researching recipes, DIY tricks or looking for something to entertain the kids this Christmas, there’s a title for every occasion.

If you want to curl up on the sofa or read in a snowy log cabin or whilst travelling to visit family, you can download up to 500 titles and read in the offline mode too.

And as Readly gives five profiles per household, the whole family can be entertained and inspired by the subscription. It’s unlimited reading of all your favourite titles and many more in a climate-friendly way,  wherever you may be!

5 Reasons why Readly is the ideal gift for book loving mums

5 reasons why Readly should be on every list this Christmas

  • Inspire a new hobby: Support family and friends to fulfil their dreams and support a hobby or read about a new travel destination with the huge range of titles available! Whether mainstream lifestyle or niche, there’s a title for you.
  • Easy reading at home or on the go: as Readly can be read anywhere, anytime, friends and family can use their gift when travelling, cooking, sitting on the sofa, working out, commuting or in the garden. It’s perfect for every occasion!
  • Now with newspapers and podcasts as well as magazines – Readly has so many of the leading national, international and now regional newspapers as well as magazines to read. Or tune in to listen to a podcast, it’s all there.
  • A sustainable way to read – Reading a digital magazine on Readly results in 86 per cent lower greenhouse gas emissions than reading the printed equivalent.
  • You can read too!– a Readly subscription gives users five profiles per household so if you’re lucky enough to live with the person you’re giving the gift to, you can read too!

How much does a Readly Subscription cost?

A subscription is just £9.99 a month and there is a range of Christmas Giftcards available for 3, 6 and 12 months, starting at £28.47 .

Visit www.readly.com for more information.

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