Author Jenny Bayliss Books In Order: Full Book List

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Author Jenny Bayliss Books In Order: Full Book List

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Author Jenny Bayliss is a former professional cake baker and lives in a small seaside town in Kent with her husband; their children having left home for big adventures. She went back into education when she was thirty-nine and gained a first-class degree in Creative and Professional Writing, from Canterbury Christ Church University. Jenny likes long walks along the seafront and baking days; especially when it’s cold outside. She is a stationery-obsessed coffee lover, who doesn’t believe in saving things for best and shamelessly wears party dresses to the supermarket. 

Jenny Bayliss, a talented contemporary fiction author, has captured the hearts of readers with her charming and heartwarming novels. With a distinctive storytelling style and a knack for creating relatable characters, Jenny Bayliss crafts tales that resonate with readers seeking delightful escapes into the world of finding romance and self-discovery.

Jenny Bayliss Books In Order

In this guide, we’ll take you through Jenny Bayliss’s literary journey, providing a comprehensive list of books in order of publication. Whether you’re a dedicated fan eager to revisit her earlier works or a newcomer looking to embark on a literary adventure after reading similar books from other authors, this chronological compilation will serve as your roadmap through the enchanting realms Bayliss has masterfully created.

From her debut novel to her latest releases, each story offers a unique blend of wit, warmth, and wisdom, showcasing Bayliss’s ability to explore the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the magic found in everyday life. Join us as we explore Jenny Bayliss’s books in order, inviting you to immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds she has so skillfully crafted.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas: The Delightfully Cosy and Heartwarming Bestselling Winter Romance by Jenny Bayliss

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 28th September 2020

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 433

The Twelve Dates of Christmas: The Delightfully Cosy and Heartwarming Bestselling Winter Romance by Jenny Bayliss

This festive season, fall in love with The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss – a romantic read perfect for fans of Beth O’Leary and Josie Silver.

On the first day of Christmas, a dating app offered me

Twelve tailored chances for perfect harmony . . .

Thirty-four-year-old Kate Turner is happily single – a bit too happily, in fact. Since returning to her hometown, the sleepy town of Blexford, love hasn’t really had a look in.

But Kate does love Christmas. So when her best friend insists she signs up to the Twelve Dates of Christmas, a brand new dating agency service, she doesn’t need too much persuading. Twelve perfect festive dates with the area’s most eligible men – who could say no?

Amongst the twinkling lights and falling snow, over hot chocolates and glasses of red wine, romance is easy to find. But with each new date, Kate learns more about the men, and even more about herself.

As the big day approaches, Kate’s left wondering – is it really the season for true love, or will this Christmas be the coldest yet?


There has always been something not quite right with Kate’s love life. Whilst she’s managed to have a few serious relationships in the past, she always manages to nitpick and find flaws in them. She found herself in the village she grew up in after travelling the world and living in London. Country life is going well in the few years she has returned. Managing to continue to work freelance for Liberty’s as well as supplement her income with some baking for her old friend matt’s neighbourhood café.

Matt runs the local cafe and has known Kate since they were kids. Growing up together alongside Laura and Ben. Going their separate ways at university following a big fallout that saw them not on speaking terms for ten years. Thankfully they have put that all behind them and they can bicker and swap banter with each other at any given moment.

With Kate’s love life not going anywhere, her friend Laura talks her into signing up for the ‘Twelve Dates of Christmas’ dating course. Something that Kate isn’t sure about but agrees that her love life needs a little rescuing. Matt thinks it’s both hilarious and dangerous for her to be heading out on a series of wacky challenges with strangers. The course of true love never did run smoothly as Kate finds out throughout her December dates. Can she discover the love within her heart?

It is an interesting read that makes you want to find out what happens on each new date, with the undercurrent storyline between the old friends makes you want to knock their heads together to figure out what is happening in front of their eyes.

The Winter of Second Chances: Escape To the Coast with this Perfect Festive Romance! by Jenny Bayliss

Published 2nd September 2021

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 465

The Winter of Second Chances: Escape To the Coast with this Perfect Festive Romance! by Jenny Bayliss

The Winter of Second Chances is the hilarious, heart-warming second book from the author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas, Jenny Bayliss.

Annie Sharpe has it all – an acclaimed restaurant she owns with her handsome husband Max, and two gorgeous grown-up sons. But after one indiscretion too many, she leaves behind the only life she’s ever known.

In search of a fresh start, Annie takes up a position as a winter guardian position of Saltwater Nook, a creaky but charming house on Kent’s beautiful, wild coastline. The village community is an eccentric but tight-knit bunch, and Annie is swept up in a whirlwind of the town’s rich seasonal traditions, from pumpkin carving to bonfires on the beach. It soon feels like home – she even reopens the long-dormant seafront café.

The only thorns in her side are John, the owner’s rugged but totally unreasonable nephew who has his own agenda for the house, and a persistent Max, intent on winning her back.

Saltwater Nook has been the perfect escape, but Annie can’t run from her problems forever. Will she give her first love a second chance? Or step into the promise of a new life?

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: ‘A Fantastic Christmas Treat’ by Jenny Bayliss

Published 29th September 2022

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 447

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: 'A Fantastic Christmas Treat' by Jenny Bayliss

Don’t miss the Christmas wedding of the year, in Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, by the bestselling author of The Twelve Dates of Christmas, Jenny Bayliss.

A winter wedding of school friends should be the highlight of Nory Noel’s festive calendar. But that group has long since drifted apart, and Nory is dreading the lavish, week-long affair. Still, she supposes, being the only single person means she gets a king-size bed in the idyllic castle venue all to herself.

As the champagne flows, the years roll back and soon the air is alive with old sparks and old tensions. Desperate for a moment of peace, Nory escapes and crashes into Isaac, the castle’s gardener – and her former school rival.

Nory and Isaac have more in common these days than they could ever have imagined. But as she steals more time away to spend with him, Isaac reveals an astonishing secret about his past. Nory is in a unique position to help right this wrong – but uncovering the truth might mean pushing Isaac away once more . . .

A December to Remember: a feel-good festive romance to curl up with this winter! by Jenny Bayliss

Published 28th September 2023

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition
Pages: 415

A December to Remember: a feel-good festive romance to curl up with this winter! by Jenny Bayliss

A December to Remember is a cosy, small-town festive read to curl up with this winter, perfect for fans of Josie Silver and Lindsey Kelk.

Wildly different half sisters Maggie, Simone and Star have hardly seen each other since their sprightly summers spent in the charming village of Rowan Thorp, their eccentric father augustus’s home. Known for the fruitful ways in which he and his bustling knick-knack shop kept the town tongues wagging and ladies swooning, Augustus was loved by all and known by none, not even his daughters.

Now, years later, the three estranged women are unexpectedly reunited at the reading of Augustus’s will. Maggie, Simone and Star are shocked to find out that Augustus has engineered a series of hoops through which the three women must jump to unlock their inheritance – the last thing any of them want to do. But each sister desperately needs the money, and they are in no position to rebel against their father’s final wishes.

Spending the winter months at Rowan Thorp stirs up feelings with forgotten flames, and makes the sisters confront the lives they’ve left behind. As old wounds resurface and long-buried secrets come to light, the sisters must learn to work together if they hope to succeed. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to go back to where it all began . . .

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