Smart Career Moves for Smart Women: How to Succeed in Career Transitions

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women: How to Succeed in Career Transitions

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Written for the businesswoman and professional, this book offers insights and guidance on making the right decisions about smart career moves and shows ways to strategically prepare for a career transition, be it a promotion, change of sector, setting up one’s own business or even changing careers altogether.

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women: How to Succeed in Career Transitions

Women are looking more and more at a change of work set-up (to ‘at home’ and hybrid models) and what they want out of their careers and wider life. In easy-to-follow steps, this book demystifies the unwritten rules of making a successful career transition. The reader is provided with a highly practical guide to navigating professional changes at all career points and of all types – as well as a toolkit to facilitate the practice of these new skills and approaches.

The book encourages professional women to stop, reflect, and do the groundwork on where they want their career to go. It provides the tools to identify what they want, prepare for change, and cultivate the necessary skills and self-confidence key to a successful career transition.

The insights and actionable steps contained in this book make it an invaluable resource for professional women looking to achieve success and navigate the transitional stages of their career, re-enter the workplace after a career break, or who simply want to develop the tools and skills to make smart career moves.

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women

Genres: Career Advice, Business Management, Women
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 28th February 2023

Part 1: Identifying what you want and making it happen 

  1. What you want to do is who you are
  2. Knowing yourself better = better career choices
  3. Navigating change and acquiring the tools to do this  

Part 2: Preparing for change  

  1. Preparing for change – understanding your choices
  2. Exploring new pathways and opportunities
  3. Thinking creatively about your next career transition  

Part 3: Getting to where you want to go and cultivating the skills that underpin successful career transitions 

  1. Transforming ideas and wishes into concrete opportunities
  2. Learning the new
  3. The people factor
  4. Communication skills – communicating for purpose 
  5. Getting support
  6. Moving into power
  7. Planning your future career development  

Part 4: Believing in yourself 

  1. Aiming for satisfaction in your career journey
  2. Practising being who you are

Where to buy the Smart Career Moves for Smart Women book

The Smart Career Moves for Smart Women book is available to purchase from Routledge in Paperback, Hardback and Ebook.

Endorsement from Dr Heather Melville OBE

“It’s important for women to build a list of ‘trusted advisors’ along with a corporate career survival tool kit, for which Smart Career Moves for Smart Women is invaluable! A successful career is more than just skills, it’s important to take control of your career from the outset, ensuring that you are clear about your values, so that any career decision you make is values led – this book creates the framework to allow you to do this! I wish this book had been available when I started my career, more than 40 years ago.”

– Dr Heather Melville OBE, Senior Managing Director, Teneo

Smart Career Moves for Smart Women

About the Author – Susan Doering

Susan Doering is an international career and leadership coach who operates globally, coaching individuals to achieve professional success and facilitating career development training courses for private and public sector organisations.

Susan has had several career transitions herself, starting her initial career as a tutor and lecturer at Vienna University. She left the academic world to devote herself to being a mother of two sons but felt the pull to “return to work” and was offered the opportunity to design and run the social events programme for an international conference with 4,000 participants. This leap into the dark was hugely successful, and she moved on to project-manage two international music projects: an opera production for a music festival and the management of a renowned classical piano trio. 

At that point Susan’s private life fell apart and she went through a difficult divorce. Her two sons had grown up by then and were a great support – which they still are! She realised she needed to put her professional life on a more substantial foundation and re-trained to move into coaching and staff training. She has specialised in career and leadership coaching and over the years has worked with thousands of people in international public and private sector organisations all over the world. 

She has loved every new career phase that she has embraced. 

Susan lives in Greenwich on the banks of the river Thames. She plays the piano with great joy and volunteers in her local community garden. She does her best in a challenging yoga group with fun people who are much better at it than her. She is an avid reader and runs a book club for her university alumnae group and spends many happy hours visiting museums and art galleries, especially discovering female artists, historical and contemporary.

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