The Valentini Family Series (4 Books) by Serena Akeroyd

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The Valentini Family Series (4 Books) by Serena Akeroyd

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Kickstarting the Valentini Family book series from Serena Akeroyd is The Oath Duet. Encompassing The Don and The Lady, the first two books in this new series, and tells the love story of Luciu Valentini and Jennifer (Fionnabhar which is Gaelic) MacNeill.

The Valentini Family – The Oath Duet

Blood stains my hands, my soul, my heart, yet I’ll shed more to keep her safe.

The Don (The Valentini Family #1 – The Oath Duet)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

With a war raging between the different New York mafia families, Lucui drops into The 68 for an unannounced chat with Aidan O’Donnelly Jr (Five Points’ Mob) hoping for his approval to take over the fallen Fieri Italian mafia. Whilst Luciu may be Sicilian he wants to take over the territory as a snub to the fallen family who had betrayed his family in the past. As well as help him get his hands on some stolen heirlooms. Although he was not expecting to meet Jen, a family friend of the O’Donnelly wives/girlfriends who immediately has his attention drawn to her.

Dinner with Savannah and Aidan O’Donnelly to meet with her hex whose car she keyed didn’t go to plan as he bailed, leaving her still facing a court case. Although meeting handsome Luciu helps cheer up her day. Heading to his club Russu to drink and dance when she is told that he is married and needs to back off. Ghosting him she continues her usual routine until New Year’s when Savannah drops two bombshells on her, running from her problems she heads to see Luc and hooks up with him despite the question mark of whether he has a wife or not.

Gold-digger Jen has done many things in the past for new shoes or handbags etc. Although she is still fiercely guarding her virginity, a part of her she isn’t ready to give to anyone. Luc can’t help but feel the connection between the two of them wanting to protect her and keep her safe. However, life doesn’t always pan out that way, luckily he is there to pick up the pieces when her past comes calling.

A cliffhanger ending leads into The Lady, the second book in The Oath duet.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Edition Edition.

The Lady (The Valentini Family #2 – The Oath Duet)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Separated from Luc and dumped back at her old apartment, Jen is frantic with worry for him. Trying every way she can to find out what is happening but is turned away every time. Heading to see Aoife she confesses her love for Luc, however, Aoife collapses and suffers a miscarriage sending Jen into a spin trying to get hold of Finn, reaching out to Savannah as a last resort for help. Whilst at the hospital she steps away for some space away from the O’Donnelly clan when she sees Luc.

Time in jail, a broken wrist and a chance to see his great-uncle wasn’t quite the homecoming he had planned but when the DA is after you, Luc has to roll with the punches. Although new that Jen had been mistreated after his arrest has him putting people in their place. Finally reconnecting with Jen before having an impromptu family breakfast which has him introducing Jen to his mother and twin sister. His siblings are not happy with the relationship but Luc isn’t prepared to give Jen up.

On a mission to gain families’ royal jewels back, Luc ends up owing a number of favours. But if it means he gets them all back he’ll do it. Having attempted to put her past behind her and look to the future with Luc, Jen agrees to meet with her mom one last time with almost dire consequences, revelations, revenge and greed all twisted within the concluding tale to The Oath Duet.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Edition Edition.

The Valentini Family – The Revelation Duet

I friend zoned Hunter Lachlan because I thought he could never give me what I needed.
After a decade of pushing him away, I don’t recognize Las Vegas’s new Don.
Maybe my childhood best friend knew me better than I ever realized…
And maybe, just maybe, he’s the one man for whom I’ll kneel.

The Consigliere (The Valentini Family #3 – The Revelation Duet)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Attending her brother’s wedding is one of the last things that Aurora wants to be doing, not least because she doesn’t like his bride or because she is wearing a dress two sizes too small for her. This would be bad enough if it weren’t for her lifelong best friend Hunter making an appearance. Although they are friends they haven’t seen each other or spoken in person for 15 years. Conversing only via email and text after an incident that forced Rory to push him away and build walls between them. As he makes his way over she notices a ring on his hand, one that she recognises from a different persona… D aka DDoSunlight, her online Dom!

Rewinding the years you track their friendship, Hunter’s love for Rory and how he has been there for her through some rough times. Determined to move out of the friend zone he seeks out information on pain kinks and trains to be a dom. Finding a sub to train with he is upfront with Sunny that he is in love with someone else, but they continue their partnership with boundaries (masks etc) before he calls time on things to pursue Rory.

Worlds collide and Rory feels humiliated that D is in fact, Hunter. But he soon shows her that they can be one and the same person. Whilst they attempt to discover if this works off the screen and in real life there is a territory war in Las Vegas. His grandfather recently incarnated requests to meet with Rory but what does he want?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition

The Oracle (The Valentini Family #4 – The Revelation Duet)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Leaving the prison Aurora is keen to get back to see Hunter after she suspects that it was his grandfather who was the prisoner down. Those thoughts are confirmed as she has a gun pressed to her back whilst looking at a video of her brother, Stan, that has been sent across. Managing to get away she finds her guards and heads to see Hunter and give him the sad news. Torn between Hunter’s grief and the need to find her brother whose plan was hijacked at the airport, Rory needs to stay strong and find a solution.

Hunter can’t believe that his grandfather is dead, and he is now certainly the head of the Camorra. Needing to compartmentalise everything that is happening he arranges to marry Aurora in secret just as his grandfather wanted and will wait to tell the Camorra and her family that she is his wife, plus will be acting as his consigliere too. Coordinating an attack takes the help of an unlikely friend to bring Stan back relatively unharmed and to see Aurora come into her own when giving orders to the guards.

Attending functions together it is obvious to the outside world that something is going on between the pair, but they refuse to acknowledge the rumours. Aurora fails to find ways to be friendly with Luciu’s wife Jennifer, but she is now family and needs to push aside any disdain for her. Feeling as though they can never catch a break there is one problem after another but as long as they are together, they can face anything – right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

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