Bad Chicago Bosses Series (4 Books) by Nicole Snow

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Bad Chicago Bosses Series (4 Books) by Nicole Snow

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Bad Chicago bosses collide with their total opposites and turn their Chicago offices upside down. All the enemies-to-lovers vibes with hilarious, steamy, uplifting love stories. These standalone novels are sure to make you smile.

Bad Chicago Bosses Series by Nicole Snow

Office Grump (Bad Chicago Bosses Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fierce and hilarious office romance where two sworn enemies make undeniable lovers.

Superstitious Sabrina finds that Friday the 13th is living up to its bad luck vibe. Leaving her losing her job, getting stood up by Tinder date and meeting a grump jerk in the park leading to her spraying her cinnamon latte all over his Italian leather shoes. However, the latter appears to have made quite the impression on billionaire Magnus who gets his team to track her down to offer her a job.

Magnus is the first to agree that he is difficult to work for, something the long line of previous Executive Assistants and his HR manager would confirm too. With Sabrina needing the money to help her parents she agrees to the $200k role and starts to understand just how demanding he can be. From his emails, dry cleaning, coffee runs and his ability to function on only 4 hours of sleep. They navigate a sharp-witted employer/employee relationship. Sabrina is always happy to put him in his place especially when he is being grumpier than normal.

Although Magnus is attracted to her, he is unwilling to act upon his feelings after discovering his father’s past indiscretions. However, as they spend more time together he can no longer deny the spark between them. Although just when things heat up he backs away twice and Sabrina is left wondering why. Suddenly he needs her more than ever following a family emergency and they finally fall into each other’s arms. But the path of true love never runs smoothly and they face a number of roadblocks.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions.

Bossy Grump (Bad Chicago Bosses Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A screaming funny romance where two office enemies fake love until they’re all out of make-believe.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions.

Perfect Grump (Bad Chicago Bosses Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A laugh-out-loud wild office romance where two total opposites fight to deny their perfect chemistry.

Having been headhunted from another car driving service, Reese Halle is pleased that her new salary is enough for her to live on as well as provide a little extra for her sister and niece. Driving the Brandt executive team around she sees the different personalities of the family. Granny Bea is an absolute hoot, Ward is grumpy and concentrates on his phone, whilst Nick just talks non-stop not requiring an answer from Reese – although it is clear that he thinks that she is a guy.

In many ways, Nick is the face of Brandt Ideas, the one that is pushed out at events etc. He is no stranger to gossip magazines etc. Whilst his brother chose to withdraw and become grumpy following the issues with their parents, Nick opted to play the joker and act out. He is surprised to find out after two months of talking to Halle in the car each day that Halle is a woman, a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Spending the coming weeks attempting to make up for his error.

Better known as Nick the Prick, especially after an incident at an event he took Reese to, however, when a family emergency happens he steps up to the plate to help her care for her niece. Forging a firm friendship with Millie he sets up a daycare room in the office as well as moves them into his home when it is apparent that there is danger around the corner for them. But can they make anything of this relationship or will Nick have unfinished business from his past?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions.

Damaged Grump (Bad Chicago Bosses Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A hysterical office romance where the grumpiest boss claims the good girl and loses his scorched heart.

Waiting for her flight to Chicago, Callie overhears a smartly dressed man to bark out orders and listen to ideas for news stories from his group of minions. Getting involved after scoffing at the way the proposed articles bring the people in question discomfort etc. Remarking that his level of journalism has no morals. This comes back to bite her when the new owner Just Vibing is made known on her first day as Editor In Chief – Roland Osprey from Oprey Media aka The Chicago Tea.

Enjoying making Callie squirm under his glare Roland makes his presence known to his new employees. Tasking Callie on an extra project regarding a music producer/manager who is dating a much younger star. Discovering that there is a line of injured stars in his wake including someone close to Roland has him gunning to take him down.

Morals are tested, witty banter is passed between them and professional/personal conflicts take place. Callie wishes to help a young star, but Roland wants more, are they able to find a compromise to work together? Lines blurred between the pair it was only ever meant to be to get the sexual tension out of their systems but it appears once, twice or even more isn’t enough. The stakes are high, but who will get burnt?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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