The Bear Extraordinaire by Cathy Rushworth

The Bear Extraordinaire

The Bear Extraordinaire by Cathy Rushworth

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One of the opportunities that we have felt important for the children is for them to have access to books. From visiting the local library, bringing books home and taking part in activities. Attending author visits, workshops and activities at our local Waterstones store (they have some fantastic events). As well as some of the amazing opportunities that writing this blog has brought them. The children’s school is also committed to exposing the children to different opportunities and often invite authors to come and visit. They host workshops with the children, read their stories and inspire them to think differently about the world around them.

Before the summer Tigger was lucky enough to attend a reading workshop with Cathy Rushworth – author of The Bear Extraordinaire. With the option to purchase a copy of her book to take home. And as you well know, there is always space on the bookshelf for one more book.

The Bear Extraordinaire by Cathy Rushworth

Take a peek inside this book.
Go on! Do it! Take a look!
A feisty girl, a scary bear.
Have a read… if you dare!

Book and The Bear Extraordinaire

Written by Cathy Rushworth
Illustrated by Karl Newson
Published by Cathy Rushworth Books

At the top of Mount Jolie lives a very grumpy bear. The villagers below are scared of the bear and can be found hiding behind their sofas. One little girl called Millie, however, isn’t scared of the very grumpy bear. Setting off on a ‘find a bear’ quest. 

Making her way up to the bear’s cave Millie still wasn’t scared. Even when the bear growled at her. She simply reminded the bear not to be rude and that manners always pay. Surprised by her actions the bear invited her into his cave. Where they share drinks and cake.

I don’t want to give away the storyline but let’s just say that there is more to the bear than being grumpy.

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Where can I buy The Bear Extraordinaire book?

The Bear Extraordinaire book is available to buy from Amazon in Paperback Edition.

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