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Getting Your Child To Love Reading

8 July 2024

Does your child refuse to pick up a book? Does he struggle with schoolwork? Does he avoid the library? This article will provide tips and techniques that will help you to encourage your child to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Children And Reading

1 July 2024

Reading is more than just a pastime; it is an essential skill required at all stages of life. People who enjoy reading often find it easier to navigate through school and life in general. When reading becomes a habit in childhood, it not only provides lifelong enjoyment but also lays a foundation for success.

Help Your Child Learn To Read

10 May 2024

Learning to read is a normal part of childhood, and most children learn to read fairly effortlessly. But for some children, this important milestone becomes a roadblock, putting the future of their education at risk.

Summer Books For Children

19 June 2023

Our desire for reading develops at an early age and the summer days are the perfect time for your young kids to pick up a book and read. Whether it is outside under a tree or curled up in bed next to you, here are a few summer books for children to add to their reading lists that are sure to keep your young readers glued to every word.

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors

8 January 2023

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco-Warriors is an empowering guide to living more sustainably with practical advice for fighting climate change. Embracing eco-friendly practices means recycling items that can be repurposed, reusing items that would otherwise go to waste and reducing the number of natural resources consumed.

Frank the Fart Fairy by Franklin P. Hartie

1 January 2023

Frank the Fart Fairy loves to prank, but when his fart-fuelled antics upset the whole of Fairy Land, he soon finds himself banished. However, Frank has one last MEGA fart prank up his sleeve (well… his trouser leg) in the hope Fairy Land will see how fantastically funny farts truly are!

If You Meet a Dinosaur by Paul Bright

26 December 2022

Your children may have read stories about dinosaurs before, and they may have talked about them at school, but do they know what to do If You Meet A Dinosaur? No? Then you better sit down and enjoy this bright and colourful rhyming story to help them discover what to do.