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Children And Reading

1 July 2024

Reading is more than just a pastime; it is an essential skill required at all stages of life. People who enjoy reading often find it easier to navigate through school and life in general. When reading becomes a habit in childhood, it not only provides lifelong enjoyment but also lays a foundation for success.

Help Your Child Learn To Read

10 May 2024

Learning to read is a normal part of childhood, and most children learn to read fairly effortlessly. But for some children, this important milestone becomes a roadblock, putting the future of their education at risk.

Summer Books For Children

19 June 2023

Our desire for reading develops at an early age and the summer days are the perfect time for your young kids to pick up a book and read. Whether it is outside under a tree or curled up in bed next to you, here are a few summer books for children to add to their reading lists that are sure to keep your young readers glued to every word.

How to Hide a Lion by Helen Stephens

22 January 2023

Somewhere along our journey through childhood and attending school, we lose our rose-tinted view of the world. Finding the goodness, the kindness and the happiness in the world around us. The How To Hide A Lion story showcases the different viewpoints of adults and children when it comes to a special lion.

Bear’s House of Books by Poppy Bishop

17 August 2022

Bear’s House of Books is a new book with a classic feel – perfect for bookworms big and small! Featuring beautiful and heart-warming illustrations from Alison Edgson (Waiting for Santa and Me and My Dad), this picture book is perfect for teaching little ones about the joys and rewards of sharing with others.