The Bernardi Mafia Series (Reading Order – 3 Books) by Ivy Davis

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The Bernardi Mafia Series (Reading Order – 3 Books) by Ivy Davis

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A three-part series each focusing on a brother from the Bernardi Mafia but can be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed happy ending. Each couple will face tribulations and struggles as they find love within their marriages and within the dark world of the mafia.

The Bernardi Mafia Series by Ivy Davis

Bound by Duty: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Bernardi Mafia Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I had a choice: either let my father die or marry a monster.

A mafia modern-day twist on the classic Beauty and The Beast story. As the eldest of three brothers, it is natural that Dante has stepped up to lead his family’s Florence-based mafia as his father is dying of cancer. Scarred across his face and body from an incident when he was younger he likes to live life in the shadows. Dealing with traitors in his basement dungeon, just like the man who has stolen €100k from him but he has an offer from him but one that he’ll never accept.

Amara is the youngest of three girls and loves tending to her flower garden, especially the horses at their small family home. Having fallen on hard times she spends much of her time cooking and cleaning as he sisters are too lazy and selfish to help. But Amara would do anything for her father which is why she immediately agrees to swap places with him and live with Dante. Her father refuses and accepts the death sentence hanging over his head. When the time comes Amara cannot stand and watch like her sisters and offers herself to Dante.

Trapped in a guided cage Amara wants to know more about the man she has married. Dante, however, is not interested in chatting or giving their marriage a chance. Slowly the push and pull between them has them coming together but with danger in the wings can Dante learn to trust? and keep her safe?

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Bound by Honor: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Bernardi Mafia Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

He’s a womanizing playboy… but he wants me for himself.

A modern-day twist on the classic Cinderella story, following Nico, the second son of the Bernardo Mafia. Known for his cheeky nature and playboy ways he is very much happy with his no repeats mantra when it comes to women. That is all about to change as his older brother Dante has just announced that Nico needs to marry one of the daughters of the soldiers to show loyalty. Naturally, he is not happy about this, even more so when he’ll be choosing a girl from a ball they will host.

When Pippa’s mother died when he was a young girl she thought that her father’s new wife and stepsisters were a welcome addition to their family. Her father’s death a few years ago opened her eyes to them, with any love or fondness they had shown her gone out of the window. Now she has been moved into the attic, material possessions removed and forced to assist around the house. Thankfully her animals keep her chin up and she would do anything to protect them.

Meeting at the ball but not realising who he was until she got home has Pippa facing the wrath of her family. Nico comes to save the day, however, she wants her freedom and he doesn’t want to give up the multiple women in his life. Striking a deal that suits them both, however, it becomes apparent that there is nothing easy about their arrangement.

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Bound by Obedience: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Bernardi Mafia Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was a prisoner in my own home…

A mafia modern-day twist on the classic Rapunzel story. As the youngest brother, Santo has always felt the need to make up for the qualities his two older brothers lacked. The numbers man for their Florence-based mafia, he is always busy checking something or another. Finding that someone is €5k short in their payments he heads over to discuss with Dante. However, when he arrives there are guests already there one of which Dante suggests as a suitable wife for Santo. Unlike his other brother Nico, he does not fight the decision and agrees.

Isabella has never been outside, she has never met another person other than her father who keeps her locked inside their dilapidated home. Treating the family dinkey better than he does his own daughter. Refusing to buy more clothes for her despite her growing from a teen to a young woman – and making her rub his feet. Spotting a handsome stranger appearing at the house she is locked away again but manages to get herself discovered by Santo.

Realising the harsh life Isabella has been subjected to Santo knows he must do something. But as a mafia daughter, the only way she can leave is through marriage. The straight-laced brother becomes undone by the beauty he has rescued but can he make this more than an arrangement? Can she adjust to life outside four walls?

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