Books For Young Teen Girls

Best Books For Young Teen Girls

Books For Young Teen Girls

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Sometimes it’s hard to find a great gift for teenage girls. Some like makeup while others like technology. In this day and time of so many high-tech products, it’s never a bad thing to sit down, take a break, and just read a good old book. But what to buy a young teen girl to read?

What are the best books to choose for a young teen girl?

Young teen girls may be too old for Dr Seuss books, yet too young for Twilight, but there are still plenty of books that will keep them entertained and stimulated. Here are just a few that your young teen girl reader is sure to love.

Best Books For Young Teen Girls

Disney Fairies

This enchanting classic novel, published by Random House, was inspired by Tinkerbell fairy tales, but there is no Peter Pan in sight. Instead, your young reader will be whisked away to Pixie Hollow in magical Neverland, where she’ll meet a host of fairies. Each book features a beautiful story about a different fairy who must learn to use her talents to save the day in true Disney fashion. Funny and adventurous, these books will captivate the imagination of any girl. Titles include The Trouble with Tink, Vidia and the Fairy Crown, and Lily’s Pesky Plant.

An American Girl

American Girl dolls have long been beloved by girls across the country, but their series of excellent books, published by Pleasant Company, stretches even further. Educational and endearing, these best books give girls a real-life glimpse into American history through the eyes of girls their age.

Follow Felicity during the colonial struggle for independence, help Kirsten settle the new frontier, or laugh and cry with Molly as she supports the allies during WWII. This series for young readers is sure to show your high school girl that love and friendship endure every generation. Titles include Addy Learns a Lesson, Felicity saves the Day, and Samantha’s Surprise.

Anything from American Girl is a great book for teen girls. All of the American Girl books are very down to earth and helpful to younger readers dealing with her everyday life. My teen has several of the American Girl books and she absolutely loves them and asks for more as soon as she finishes one.

The American Girl books like “The Care and Keeping of You” series deal with your young teen girl’s body, body image, and the changes that their bodies have gone through or will be going through in the years to come. These books can come in handy when you need to discuss puberty with your teen girl. There are books available about caring for their bodies, and their emotions and even “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations”, plus many other topics useful to your teen girl.

Candy Apple Books

For a more modern-day twist, look for the fun variety of stories by Candy Apple Books, written by Mimi McCoy and published by Scholastic. More of a collection of books than a series, each book features independent characters and plots that stand separate from the others, yet are similar in their freshness and humorous high jinks. Titles include The Babysitting Wars, The Accidental Cheerleader, and Miss Popularity

Animal Ark

This perfect book series for the voracious reader, written by Ben Baglio and published by Scholastic Inc., follows animal lover Mandy and her friends through various exciting and tender adventures as she solves mysterious dilemmas involving every animal under the alphabet. Clever titles include Cub in the Cupboard, Pony on the Porch, and Kittens in the KitchenClassics: In our search for the latest most popular novel for our young people, we often forget the classics that we grew up on.

With rich descriptive language and a timeless main character, we all know and love, this incredible book withstand the test of time, and your young lady is as sure to be as captivated with them as you were. Try Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, or Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The lessons in life and the love they teach are as true today as ever, and the way the plot twists and are told is just as beautiful.

Best Books For Young Teen Girls

Samantha For The First Time Reader

Then you have the books about other young women throughout time. For example, the “Samantha” series is all about a nine-year-old girl named Samantha in 1904 Victorian America. There is a whole boxed set of “Samantha” books available. As well as books about Kit, Felicity, Molly, Kirsten, and Addy. All are set in different places and times in American history. These wonderful books are great at teaching older teens that ordinary young girls can rise above their surroundings to be wonderful people and do great things.

Little House Is Great For Young Children

Another fabulous book set with a relatable story for teen girls is the “Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. All of these modern classic books are great for a teen girl. They show what life was like in the “old days” and show that a girl can survive the hardest of times as long as she has the love and support of her family. These books are recommended for ages 12-14 years old but I still enjoy reading these when I get the opportunity.

The Chronicles Of Narnia Are One Of The Well-Written Books

The Chronicles of Narnia” is another great fantasy books for teen girls. They are recommended for ages 8-12 but I believe they are more for 12 and up. In my experience, there is no way that a eight-year-old would understand the fictional world in this book set. Therefore, I think these different worlds books are better suited for teens. I loved “The Chronicles of Narnia” as a teen. They are exciting and mysterious books. There’s nothing like a little fantasy world and magical powers in a girl’s life at the end of a busy day.

Best Books For Young Teen Girls

The Secret Garden Is One Of The Favourite Books

The next book that I think is great for teen girls is “The Secret Garden“. The good news is that this is a timeless book for all ages. There isn’t a girl around who hasn’t wished that she had a secret place to go and be alone with her thoughts. This book can be her secret place in real life. She’ll get lost in the adventures that young Mary partakes in throughout this wonderful book. “The Secret Garden” is recommended for ages 12-14.

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm For Your Teenage Years

The next book for teen girls is “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm“. This book is about the adventures that 10-year-old Rebecca partakes in after her mother sends her to live with relatives. This book is recommended for ages 8 and up but I would say it’s more for ages 12 and up.

Sweet Valley High Is One Of The Best Sellers

The last set of young adult books for teen girls that I would like to suggest is the “Sweet Valley High” book. I read all of these books are a young girl and loved them all. They were the first book set that I just HAD to get and read every one of. These books explore the lives of two twin girls name Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. One twin, Elizabeth, is a sweet good girl who does everything that is expected of her. While the other twin, Jessica, is rambunctious and sometimes downright cruel to others. These books are recommended for young adults. I would say that they are perfect for teen girls ages 12 and up.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of fantastic books available for young teen girls. These are only a sampling of the books out there. I have read and my teen daughter has read or will be reading these very same books. Many of them will stand the test of time. No matter what books you buy for your teen girl, all that matters is that you are helping to create or support a love of reading in your young girl. Reading a book is one of the very best ways for a girl to pass the time and find a little fun, excitement, and adventure to enjoy in her day-to-day life.

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