Great Lives in Graphics | Jane Austen

Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen

Great Lives in Graphics | Jane Austen

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Great Lives in Graphics reimagines the lives of extraordinary people in vivid technicolour, presenting 250+ fascinating facts in a new and exciting way.

Great Lives In Graphics is an innovative and exciting series which gives kids a new way to learn about the men and women whose exploits and deeds have changed the world. Each book captures and reveals the incredible discoveries and achievements of the world’s most famous artists, writers, musicians, scientists, activists, leaders and more – brought to life with fun, stylish and easy-to-understand infographics.

Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen

Great Lives in Graphics: Jane Austen is a brand new infographic biography of one of the most famous writers in the world. In an engaging graphic style, this book explains to children aged 8 to 12 the world into which Jane was born. It details the Regency era in which she lived in which class was everything and a women’s freedom was severely limited.

It provides a historical account of the period in British history in which she lived and how she broke conventions by being not only a very literate woman but also a published author (albeit under the humorous pseudonym ‘A Lady; – to keep her reputation intact of course!).

Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen

This book tells readers how through Jane’s novels, with their realistic characters, romantic plot lines and dashing heroes, she proved to be a master not only at revealing what people were really thinking behind their polite smiles but also at subtly questioning and examining Regency traditions, the slave trade, social inequality and women’s place in society.

Key Features

  • Introduction: an inspirational overview of their life, highlighting obstacles faced and the tenacity required to overcome them.
  • Timeline spread: charting their life from birth to death and including major world events, putting their story in historical context.
  • Family outline: early family life and experiences in education, relating them to similar questions and challenges children face today.
  • Geographical overview: map showing the important places that feature in their lives, for example where they were born, worked, lived and died.
  • Glossary: helping children to expand their vocabulary.

Jane Austen did not live to see her own name celebrated but her influence on literature and culture continues to this day. This graphic retelling of Jane’s story gives children a visual snapshot of her life and the world in which she lived while educating them about the life, Regency Britain, women’s rights (or lack thereof), and the essential details of her works and their impact on literary fiction.

Jane Austen only completed six major novels, yet her stories have captivated audiences for more than 200 years!

Where can you buy the Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen book?

The Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen’s book is available to buy from Amazon and all other good book retailers in Hardback and Kindle Edition.

Great Lives in Graphics Jane Austen

About the Author

Great Lives in Graphics has been created by Button Books’ team of writers, editors, specialist historians and designers, who have collectively worked across a wide range of media including books, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio.

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