19 of the best books full of quotes

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19 of the best books full of quotes

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How many times do we think about quotes when we need some words of wisdom. There are so many reasons why a quote might come to you to help you through a tough time, when you are feeling sad, or even when you want to help someone. There is a lot to thank for quotes from books, movies, and inspiring people. So there is no surprise that people have started to turn to books full of quotes. Books that are busting with thought-provoking words, words to live by, positivity and motivation. Not to mention how inspiring they can be. 

However, there are different books filled with quotes and sayings that can help in different ways. Some are a real mixed bag, others are specific, so finding the right books to have to hand is important. I wanted to share with you some of the best books that are full of quotes. Whether they are famous book quotes, quotes from inspiring people, or witty things found on the internet, I hope some of these books give you what you need when you need them the most. 

The best books full of quotes

best books full of quotes
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Famous Quotes for Life and Happiness by Harold G. Stratford 

Sometimes you just need a bit of positivity in your life, and this collection of quotes shared by Harold G. Stratford is a great reminder of how you can change your mindset and your perspective. 

101 essays that will change the way you think by Brianna West

While this book may not be quotes as such, they are essays and words that can help you when it comes to overcoming different things in your life. They are all individual, so this is a great book to pick up when you need that boost.

Happiness: Thoughts and quotations for every day

Often it is good to have a daily reminder and this book of happiness quotes gives you one for every day. Reminding yourself of some of the positive words can often set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Mahatma Gandhi: Book of quotes 

Gandhi is famous for quotes, and so having a whole book of them at your disposal could be a great way to ensure that you remind yourself of what’s more important. To help with a positive mindset. 

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse – Charlie Macksey

I feel this book really took off during the pandemic and lockdowns that the whole world faced, and some of the reminders along with drawings are great words to live by. Focusing on taking time and being kind. 

The Other 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said by Robert Byrne 

This is a great read full of inspiring quotes. There are other books from this author so look out for them if you like this style. 

Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less by Nick Douglas 

There is some sheer brilliance on Twitter, don’t you think? So Nick Douglas has collated some of the great content on there and the words are just funny, thought-provoking and inspiring. 

best books full of quotes
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Whole Grains: A Book of Quotations by Alejandro Jodorowsky 

Another great collection of quotes to get you thinking. 

555 Buddha Quotes: Buddha Quotes for Inner Peace, Mindfulness, True Happiness and Emotional Stability 

We are fully aware of Buddha and the thought-provoking content that is shared, so this book of quotes will cover everything to do with wellness and mindset

14,000 Things to Be Happy About: The Happy Book by Barbara Ann Kipfer 

If you are ever struggling to seek out the happiness in the world, then this book is for you. Full of insight and things to get you thinking. Happiness is a choice and reading this can help you to do that. 

The Life 101 Quote Book by Peter McWilliams

A great book of quotations covering all things to do with life. There is something for everyone in this book. 

Quotes That Will Change Your Life: A Curated Collection of Mind-Blowing Wisdom by Russ Kick

It might be that you want to have the inspiration to motivate you to change your life and this collection of quotes can be a great option to consider. 

Great Beginnings and Endings: Opening and Closing Lines of Great Novels by Georgianne Ensign 

There is something about opening and closing lines of epic books. It sets the tone, but it also seems to be something that resonates and sticks with you. This book is full of them. 

I Am My Own Best Casual Acquaintance: And Other Cosmic Half-Firmations by Shanti Goldstein 

Quotes can often serve as affirmations, and this book has some great ones. 

best books full of quotes
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The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time by John Shanahan 

This is a great book of thought-provoking quotes from all ages and backgrounds. Quotes that promise to deliver whenever you need a fresh guide

A Reader’s Library of Book Quotes: For Librarians, Writers, and Bookworms Everywhere by Sarah S. Davis

There is something about the quotes we find in books, and this collection brought to you by writers and advocates of books promises to give you a great collection of book quotes that will cover all bases. 

Telegram! Modern History as Told Through More than 400 Witty, Poignant, and Revealing Telegrams by Linda Rosenkrantz 

There is something that is so classic about telegrams and words exchanged between loved ones. Promising quotes and words to help you think about what it is you want to address. 

Famous Last Words by Laura Ward 

This is a book that is full of words of wisdom covering different aspects and subjects. 

Toasts for All Occasions: 200 Reasons to Raise Your Glass by Sean Kelly 

You have to agree that there is always something to toast, and this book is filled with 200 reasons and quotes to help you toast each day. 

best books full of quotes
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Having access to quotes and a different perspective can often help you more than you realise. Having a book to hand to help you find the words that you need can be a big game-changer to how you approach your next steps, whatever that may be. I hope this list has given you plenty of options to think about.

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