Disney magazines on Readly

1 December 2022

Those who read for pleasure are shown to do better in a wide range of subjects at school with it also positively impacting comprehension, critical thinking and well-being in life. With new research shows comics to be inspiring children to become lifelong readers. 

Great gifts for bookworms

28 November 2022

One of the most popular hobbies that people have is reading. People from all walks of life may enjoy reading regardless of their gender, age or educational background. People with a particular interest in reading are often referred to as bookworms.

6 ways to save money on books

22 August 2022

Books are not inexpensive in any possible way – books can be your companion, make your vacation awesome, and offer you a nice distraction from everything. But that doesn’t mean that constantly buying new books won’t put a strain on your wallet. 

7 of the best holiday reads for 2022

27 June 2022

When it comes to reading there is one place that many of us see as the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good book and that is on holiday. Not all of us have the time, energy, or lust to read a book before bed. As much as we would like to. As a holiday is a break away from your usual routine you may find that you have the enthusiasm to get stuck into a good book. But what are the must-read holiday reads you should be reading?