Guardians Of The North {Reading Order – 6 Books} by Kali Hart

26 August 2022

Meet the J-Squad aka the Guardians of the North. These six Coast Guardsmen formed an unbreakable bond in boot camp. After years of being separated on different assignments around the world, they’re finally back together again in their new post: North Haven, Alaska. They’ve all struck out on love. Until now.

Mountain Men of Caribou Creek Series {Reading Order – 7 Books} by Kali Hart

23 August 2022

Welcome to Caribou Creek, Alaska. A secluded small town living in the heart of the mountains is not for the faint of heart. But to those who call it home, they can’t imagine being anywhere else. Love runs a little deeper in these parts. It must be something in the water because the men who’ve sworn to live solitary lives are unable to resist the women who upend their best-laid plans and capture their hearts.

Mafia Wars Chicago Series (10 Books)

15 August 2022

Mafia Wars is the jaw-dropping dark mafia romance series from Maggie Cole. Based in Chicago featuring the Ivanov and O’Malley families, these are a set of interconnecting dark mafia romances, guaranteed to have a HEA.