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The Five Kings Series by Stella Andrews (7 Books)

22 June 2024

The Five Kings is the explosive new series by Stella Andrews. Five powerful men who belong to an exclusive club where membership requires you to leave your soul at the door. Someone is out to bring them down, and each book tells their story and the women that break them.

The Romanos Series By Stella Andrews (3 Books)

20 June 2024

Join The Romanos, a quartet of brothers in these dark & twisted mafia romances that will blow your mind. This series is a wild ride that’s not for the faint-hearted and some scenes may upset readers. Each book is standalone with no cliff-hanger and no other purchase required – but always good to read the series as a whole in order.

Men of Valor MC Book Series {24 Books}

19 June 2024

The Men of Valor MC are more than ex-military bikers – they know what it means to go the distance for love. Hop in the back of a bike and hold on tight to your new boyfriend – it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

The Ortega Mafia by Stella Andrews (3 Books)

15 June 2024

When Giovanni Ortega was murdered, he left three sons to inherit the family Ortega Mafia business. He also left a widow who isn’t about to let that happen. A dark mafia romance series by Stella Andrews, the Ortega Mafia book series includes The Enforcer, The Consigliere and The Don