Daisy Hills B&B Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Kali Hart

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Daisy Hills B&B Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Kali Hart

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The Daisy Hills B&B Series is a five-part collection of sweet & steamy short instalove romances about the Turner Sisters who opened their very own B&B in Daisy Hills.

Five younger curvy heroines.
Five older heroes.
Five short instalove small town romances.

If you enjoy protective passionate heroes who will do anything for the women they love and confident curvy heroines who don’t need a man but secretly want one, join the small-town sisters as each of them finds love.

Daisy Hills B&B Series by Kali Hart

Celia: A Turner Sisters Small Town Romance (Daisy Hills B&B Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m excited to move back to my hometown and open the B&B that my sisters and I inherited.

Inheriting an old Victorian house in Daisy Hills from her Great Aunt, Celia has returned to her hometown to turn the house into a B&B with her four sisters. As the chef of the family, she will be responsible for feeding all their guests. In order, for that to happen she needs to ensure that the new kitchen is up to her specifications. Moving into the B&B as work starts on this key area she isn’t sure what to feel when she discovers that the man responsible for this task is Malcolm Maxwell – her high school crush!

Taking on renovations at the new B&B Malcolm is set to spend the next few days getting the kitchen sorted. Celia is on hand to ensure all the items she requested ahead of time work for her. The curvy beauty captures his attention straightaway and would be willing to do anything for her. Including pulling long hours to repaint the cabinets that she feels look ivory rather than white.

Disappointed that Malcolm doesn’t remember her from high school Celia attempts to push her feelings to one side. Easier said than done when they are working in close quarters and sleeping just down the hall from him. As they grow closer Malcolm begins to recall the shy girls she once was and how he felt he didn’t deserve her back then.

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Bianca: A Turner Sisters Small Town Romance (Daisy Hills B&B Book 2)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

My sisters and I have many collective rules as the owners of the B&B.
The most important: don’t fraternize with guests.

Working alongside her sisters in the Daisy Hills B&B has its ups and downs. Her sister Isabella’s (who has been appointed manager) meetings are quite frankly a down. Making everyone repeat the rules, including one about no fraternizing with guests – she does not want a reputation for the B&B as a brothel! These rules all seem logical until a historian checks in who is apparently researching in Daisy Hills for a book he is writing.

Treasure hunter Jeremy has been in search of the missing Lancaster necklace for a few years. Returning to his family’s hometown of Daisy Hills he booked to stay at the Turner sister’s B&B which is where he hopes to find his treasure in the attic. Meeting Bianca at check-in throws a spanner in the works as he is instantly attracted to her, but lies to cover his true purpose and states he is a historian writing a book.

Not fraternizing with the guests never felt so hard, but there is something about Jeremy that makes Bianca want to break all the rules. Spending time together as she shows him around the town, visiting the local museum etc. Whilst Bianca is thinking about how to get her interior design business off the ground, Jeremy is secretly combing the attic – but what happens when he is discovered? Will their love be relegated to the past?

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Isabella: A Turner Sisters Small Town Romance (Daisy Hills B&B Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s no secret that I’m stressed out.

When the Turner sisters inherited the house, it was Isabella’s idea to renovate it into Daisy Hills B&B. As the manager, she feels a keen sense of responsibility on her shoulders to ensure that the venture is successful and runs smoothly. Pulling long hours at her desk, often falling asleep there before eventually making it to bed (but sometimes not). The arrival of her old middle and high school best friend Jude has her escaping the B&B for an hour. Hoping that her old crush will stay hidden after not seeing him for 10 years.

A lot has happened in the years between Jude leaving Daisy Hills to go to a different college to his best friend Isabella (Izzy). He is now moving back after realising that this is where his heart rests, especially after his divorce. Seeing Izzy again he is loving all her additional curves, pleased to hear that she is doing well plus the news of the B&B etc. Offering to help with her marketing and website overhaul, partly to remain closer to her.

Kidnapping her for a trip down memory lane he takes her to the abandoned house they used to visit as teenagers. Finally sharing their first kiss after false starts in their friendship. Encouraging her to relax and with the help of the other Turner sisters, they spend time together. But will history repeat itself for Isabella when she sees him with Maya?

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Miranda: A Turner Sisters Small Town Romance (Daisy Hills B&B Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been a huge fan of the famous novelist Barrett Wilde for years.

Before coming to work with her sister in the B&B, Miranda was an ICU nurse. A job she loved but found stressful and heartbreaking, turning to Barrett Wilde’s books to help her decompress. Finding out that they have a VIP staying at the B&B is exciting enough but with Isabella on her honeymoon, it means that Miranda will be on-call to help with every need for the VIP. Who is the VIP? Oh, that would be Barrett Wilde who needs to escape to finish writing his latest book.

Needing to concentrate on his already overdue novel, Barrett has come to Daisy Hills his hometown for inspiration, albeit hidden away in the honeymoon suite of the B&B. Distracted by Miranda he is pleased to hear she is a fan of his books and tasks her with helping him to iron out the plot’s fails in the first few chapters. Unsurprised when she relays his already known thoughts that it is terrible.

Drawing inspiration from Miranda spurs Barrett into action with a new story and chapters running through his head. Although she knows her heart is in danger of being broken when he leaves Miranda takes her role of fulfilling his every need seriously, But what happens to their fledging romance when his hiding place is discovered?

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Adriana: A Turner Sisters Small Town Romance (Daisy Hills B&B Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve had a crush on Harrison Carter since junior high.

Alongside running the B&B with her sisters, Adriana started her own party planning business. Recently captured the attention of the town mayor who has hired her for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the old bridge her son has been updated by her architect son Harrison. Adriana knows all about Harrison after having a high school crush on him when he was in his senior year and she was a junior.

Returning to Daisy Hills, Harrison opts to stay at the local B&B rather than endure staying with his mother. Especially as she is likely to be attempting to set him up with a wife now that his brother has got married. Meeting Adriana at the B&B he can feel himself drawn to her but knows that he is only planning on staying two weeks, Not to mention the havoc his mother could cause for Adriana and her business.

Sharing a stolen kiss feels almost too good to be true, however, Adriana is left bereft when he announces that it was a mistake and cannot happen again. Attempting to continue in a professional manner she puts everything in place for the ceremony. Harrison realises that he can’t avoid her forever or fight his feelings for her. But are they able to have a future when he has to head back to New York soon?

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