The Ortega Mafia (3 Books) by Stella Andrews

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The Ortega Mafia (3 Books) by Stella Andrews

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When Giovanni Ortega was murdered he left three sons to inherit the family Ortega Mafia business.
He also left a widow who isn’t about to let that happen.

Revenge, domination, control, and power.
Love doesn’t come into it when you are fighting a war and sometimes the best weapons are the most unexpected.

With her brother by her side, they intend on taking over the Ortega Mafia and it’s up to Giovanni’s sons to stop her. However, Diana has a history with all three men and she’s counting on it to win but they’re the sons of the self-styled Mafia King and winning is in their blood.

This time is all about blood – Mafia Blood and it will run like a red river of betrayal until the new Mafia King is crowned.

The Ortega Mafia by Stella Andrews

The Enforcer (The Ortega Mafia Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Domenico Ortega and Flora Corlietti

Published 28th January 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

Love doesn’t come into it when you are fighting a war and sometimes the best weapons are the most unexpected.

Sent out on a work assignment by her boss, Flora has been tasked to accompany a Senator to a Gala. Hoping to secure patronage for another year for the gallery she works at but she is aware that he is going to expect the night to end with her under him. Surprised that he gets handsy as soon as they arrive, even more, surprised when Domenico Ortego swoops in to rescue her – or at least what she thought was a rescue.

Throwing a gala each year is a nightmare for Domenico but when he sees what he thinks is a blast from the past he doesn’t know how she was admitted. Surprised to find out that the woman about to fall prey to the Senator is not his ex-lover and stepmother Diana – instead, it is her younger sister, one he never knew that she had. Despite looking so similar, Domenico feels a strange feeling of protectiveness for flora but is keen to learn all her secrets and gain any insight into Diana.

Deciding to keep Flora close, Domenico faces the truth about what a walking nightmare Dana has been in both their pasts. The recent death of his father has Diana looking to take everything from Dom and his brothers. But as Fiona and Dom attempt to work together they discover weaknesses and start plans to recoup everything. He doesn’t want to let her go when all of this is over, but will she want to stay? or will she always feel second best to her sister?

“You don’t belong here; you don’t belong with me, but I’m a collector of beautiful things and I’ve never met anyone that fits that description more than you.”

The Consigliere (The Ortega Mafia Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Matteo Ortega and Abigail Kensington

Published 19th March 2023
Dual POV

Formats: Kindle

The devil dances on the sabbath while the innocent rest

There was a time when Matteo Ortega was fooled by love, pulled under the spell of his stepmother Diana who played him – and his brothers. The catalyst behind the three brothers splitting away from the family and making their own place in the world. the recent death of their father (and their sister) has them forging together to take back their family business away from their stepmother and their father’s consigliere Mario Banchini. Matteo’s part in the takedown plan is to use Mario’s one true love Abigail Kensington against him – but he wasn’t ready for the beauty who walked into his office.

Receiving a request to visit the Ortega Club, Abigail wonders why she is there. Everything soon falls into place as she sees her fiance (by arranged marriage) acting out his very own porn film with the whores in the Ortega Club. Matteo Ortega tells her how he could bring down their lives unless she steps up to be his girlfriend for the summer before returning to her perfectly planned-out life. Needing a slice of control over her life as she agrees to his proposition she heads to the Banned Room for one night to give away her most prized possession – finding herself in the dark with Matteo.

Matteo thrives on control and finds himself loving the power over Abigail even though she pushes his buttons – but in the best possible way. They attempt to act out Matteo’s plan from a shotgun wedding, jealously and placing trust in those she thought were friends. A connection neither thought possible forms between them but as secrets are revealed, plots and kidnaps happen will they get their opportunity to take down the bad guy – and return to each other’s arms?

The Ortega Mafia is ours, and nobody will ever get in the way of that.

The Don (the Ortega Mafia Book 3)

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