Holidays in Daisy Hills {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Kali Hart

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Holidays in Daisy Hills {Reading Order – 5 Books} by Kali Hart

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The Holidays in Daisy Hills Collection is a five-part series of sweet & steamy short instalove romances. Join these small-town heroes as they win over the curvy women who have captured their hearts during the holidays throughout the year!

If you enjoy protective passionate heroes who will do anything for the women they love and confident curvy heroines who don’t need a man but secretly want one, come along on the journey as each of them finds love.

Are you ready to spend the holidays in Daisy Hills?

Holidays in Daisy Hills by Kali Hart

Rose (Holidays in Daisy Hills Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve had a teensy crush on Tristan Snow since he opened his mechanics shop almost a year ago.

Putting the finishing touches to orders ready for Valentine’s Day, Rose is in a hurry to meet up with her friends for drinks. Not necessarily because she wants to see them all but so she doesn’t end up paying for the first round of drinks. Which, of course, she ends up doing as she was the last to arrive again. Seeing Tristan instantly causes a blush to her cheeks, even if he is running down the most romantic holiday of the year.

Known as the unromantic grump of the group, Tristan has past hurts that have left him feeling jaded about love. Although since meeting Rose several months ago, he has been drawn to her – unable or unwilling to act upon his feelings. With their friends betting that he is unable to not knock love for a whole, it leads to him having to spend Valentine’s Day with Rose delivering flowers.

Grandma Sally is loving the arrival of Tristan to help Rose with deliveries, flirting with him whilst making Rose cringe. Finding the pull between them too much leads to a kiss between them. But hiding from her for three days has Rose feeling foolish for loving him – but is he ready to open his heart?

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Summer (Holidays in Daisy Hills Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ever since I left Daisy Hills, I swore I wouldn’t be back.

Summer has returned to Daisy Hills to help her Grandma Jan who has been told to rest up due to exhaustion. Taking over the reins to her popular fireworks booth in town ahead of the fourth of July celebrations. Although it is wonderful to see her Gran, Summer is nervous about being back home with her high school ex still living in the area. Somewhat obsessive of her, she does not want to run into him whilst she is home.

Making his rounds throughout the town Caleb recently moved to Daisy Hills at the recommendation of his sister. As a police officer he has already noted who are the troublemakers so when he sees one of the at the fireworks booth, he heads over to see what is happening. Although he was unprepared to be announced as the curvy beauty’s boyfriend to send her ex on his way.

Sharing an impromptu kiss to make it look believable sends sparks flying. Caleb offers to be her fake boyfriend across the week to keep her ex at bay whilst she is helping her Gran. But as they spend more time together it is clear that neither of them feels anything fake. Summer is only meant to be staying for a week but is there anything that will change her mind?

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Sabrina (Holidays in Daisy Hills Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve been determined to open a pumpkin patch for Halloween since I moved to Daisy Hills.

Inheriting some land her grandpa owned has brought Sabrina to Daisy Hills. Her plan was to transform the barns into a pumpkin patch and haunted house. These have almost come together with help of Summer and Grandma Jan. Stinging up the last of the fairy lights has the breakers tripping again. Just days away from the opening and the building inspector arriving she knows she needs an electrician, but is reluctant to call Tripp Maxwell – the hot, single-dad, she has a massive crush on.

Taking on a last-minute job at the new pumpkin patch Tripp prepares himself to be around the curvy, beautiful owner Sabrina. Whilst it has been a little over four years since his wife dies, he made a promise to his daughter Sara that she would always come first in his life. Dating has been put on hold, although being in Sabrina’s orbit proves hard to resist.

Needing to rewire, Sabrina is relieved to hear that it is only one barn affected but has faith in Tripp to get it completed in time for her opening. A stolen kiss in the chaos of the barn has her crush cementing itself into her heart. Tripp is honest with her that their interactions are unable to lead to anything, but she enjoys the time that they have – but will she be left broken-hearted at the end of the pumpkin season?

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Autumn (Holidays in Daisy Hills Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I move home to the town I swore I’d never go back to—Daisy Hills.

After receiving a one-star food review from a bitter food blogger in New York City, Autumn left her position before her bosses were forced to fire her. Returning to her hometown of Daisy Hills she has enjoyed reconnecting with friends and her job at the pumpkin patch gift shop. Heading out for Noelle’s birthday she can’t refuse the birthday girls’ request that she cut loose for the evening. Somewhat of a lightweight, she stumbles to the bathroom bumping into her ex-boyfriend Trent on the way out.

Finally making it home for Thanksgiving after 10 years away from Daisy Hills, Trent is surprised to find Autumn living back here. After enlisting in the Army and leaving three days after graduation Trent can see why his presence might not be welcomed by Autumn. Nevertheless, the chemistry between them is still fizzling and when she needs a hangover cure, he is happy to help.

Knowing that Trent is moving to the West Coast should prepare her heart against getting too attached to him. But old habits die hard, and Autumn finds herself wanting him as much as ever. Letting her chef background slip out Trent is enlisted to help get Autumn to take part in the Thanksgiving Day Bake Off but she’s not sure about sharing her food with the masses again – will she regain her confidence? Or will it be shattered when Trent has to leave again?

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Noelle (Holidays in Daisy Hills Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I worked hard to start my own web designing business.
I’m proud of the work I do, and so are my clients.
Except for one.

The festive season should be all merry and bright, except Noelle has a client from hell or at least their new assistant is. Designing a new website for the Greely Christmas Tree Farm should be an easy task for her, yet their assistant keeps coming back requesting changes. Frustrated she drags Hope to the bar for a drink to cool off.

Up until a month ago, Shane thought his life was pretty much sown up, that was until his fiancé cheated on him with his business partner. Getting the news that his grandparents wished to retire came at the right time for him to head to Daisy Hills. Frustrated by the website designer he had hired, he heads out for a drink, meeting a curvy blonde at the bar and sharing a few flirty lines. Wondering if he should take the next step or not.

Offering to drive her and her friend home, Shane walks Noelle up to her door noticing the epic Christmas tree through the window. Having a one-night stand together Shane bolts immediately after concerned that he is feeling too much, too soon. But when Noelle attends the Christmas Tree Farm the next day to speak with Mrs Greely, she discovers that the new assistant is her grandson and new owner, as well as being the man from the bar. They are like magnetic drawn together, but is this just a rebound for Shane? Or can this really be love?

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