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J.L. Beck Books {In Order}

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J.L. Beck is a lover of words. She’s an international, and USA Today Best Selling author. She published her first romance novel in 2014 and has been writing ever since. She’s also one half of the epic writing duo Beck and Hallman.

When she isn’t writing you can find her sitting with a cup of coffee, in a comfy chair, with a book in hand. She’s a mom (both kids and pups), wife, and introvert.

Table Of Contents
  1. Standalone Books from J.L. Beck
  2. Books Series from J.L. Beck
  3. J.L. Beck writing as Mia Payne
  4. Anthologies featuring J.L. Beck

Standalone Books from J.L. Beck

Lumberjack Love (2017) by J.L. Beck

He’s waited forever for the perfect woman, and she’s running from her past. Is it fate or something else?

This is an INSTALOVE novella with a virgin hero who refuses to let go of the heroine. It also contains loads of steamy scenes and a super sweet HEA. If you don’t like instalove then this book isn’t for you

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Billionaire’s Nanny (2017) by J.L. Beck

The Barnes twins need a nanny, and the curvy Cassie Moore looks to be the perfect match for their needs.

When Cassie shows up at the home of the Barnes twins she’s not sure what to expect. Why do these brothers need a live-in nanny, and how the hell is she supposed to live with them when she can barely handle looking at them?

Instalove rules here, with explicit MFM scenes including some breeding. If you cannot handle one alpha male let alone two, maybe save this one for later. The Barnes twins are a lot to handle. HEA certified.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Billionaires’ Assistant (2018) by J.L. Beck

Landing my dream job was only the beginning, and then I met them. The Maxwell triplets. Three gorgeous, possessive, over the top alpha’s that want to share me, that want to own me.

I should’ve known taking the job would only lead to heartache and trouble but I needed the money, and honestly, it was my dream job. It had also always been a fantasy of mine to be taken by more than one man, but I never thought I’d want three.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Quiver For Me (2018) by J.L. Beck

I’d watched her for years, knowing I could never have her the way I wanted too. She was too young, too pure, too beautiful and I didn’t even mention the part about being her ex-step-father.

It was taboo, uncalled for, and so very wrong… But I couldn’t stop myself when she came running to me from her piece of crap ex-boyfriend.

Things get a little crazy in this book so push your rational thinking to the side and dive right in. This is one taboo treat you don’t want to miss out on. Grab a drink and get ready to quiver with need.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Stranded With My Brother’s Best Friend (2018) by J.L. Beck

Riley’s stranded on a mountain with one of the biggest a$$holes ever, and she can’t remember how she got there…..

She doesn’t know who I am.

She doesn’t know how many men I’ve killed or how dangerous being near me is.

She doesn’t know that her brother is my best friend and fellow Seal, and she doesn’t know how much it’s killing me to keep my hands to myself. She’s gorgeous will long legs and a mouth that spits a fiery attitude that has my c*ck hard as steel. I want her in the worst way even knowing the danger I put her in.

This is a standalone military romance novel. It contains a super hot, over the top alpha male, and a sassy heroine. it’s a safe read, with a happily ever after, because what’s romance without one?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Her Ex’s Dad (2018) by J.L. Beck

He was rough, possessive, and gorgeous as hell and did I mention my ex-boyfriend’s Dad?

When things went south with his son he didn’t toss me out to the curb. He let me stay. He gave me a job.

We were friends…

Until the night we crossed the line…. and I found out just how badly he wanted me.

This book contains an over the top, possessive, and completely obsessed alpha, and a sassy heroine. If you like steamy reads, that end with happily ever after’s then this book is for you.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

This Christmas (2019) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I only have one wish. Please, make Jonas Wilder go away.

Love, Hannah

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Worse Than Enemies (2022) by J.L. Beck

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The first time we met, it was an accident.
The second was the night my mother told me she was marrying his father.
I didn’t know his name then, but I do now.
Hayes Ambrose.

Living in a hotel room might sound like a dream come true, however, the novelty soon wears off especially when Morgan is attempting to look after her four-year-old sist Lucy around the erratic behaviour of her mother. Needing to escape for fresh air she grabs a coffee and heads out for a walk. Where she spots a boy on a dilapidated bridge and decides to head over and stop him from jumping.

Shaking away thoughts of the boy from the bridge Morgan starts her new elite school courtesy of her mother’s new fiance. However, it becomes clear that she is in for a bumpy ride when the boy, aka Hayes Ambrose, from the bridge is the head of the swim team and tasked with showing her around. He still seems tortured despite opting not to jump and makes it his mission to make her life hell. If things couldn’t get any worse, her mom announces that they are finally moving in out of the hotel and in with her new fiance – Hayes’ father!

Blowing hot and cold with her, Morgan never really knows where she stands with Hayes. Unable to find a reason as to why he appears to hate her so much. A dark and twisted bully relationship with questionable consent leads to some heartbreaking moments and shocking discoveries.

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Books Series from J.L. Beck

J.L. Beck Books {In Order} | Totally Booked Kindle Reading O

Bittersweet Reunion – The Complete Series (5 Books)

The Best Selling Author of the Kingpin Love Affair Series J.L. Beck brings you the complete new adult romance series: Bittersweet Reunion.

The series reading order is as follows:
-Bittersweet Revenge
-Bittersweet Love
-Bittersweet Hate
-Bittersweet Symphony
-Bittersweet Trust

A Stepbrother Romance Series (2 Books)

Author J.L. Beck brings you a dirty stepbrother series like you have never seen. Adult themes are woven throughout the story so please only read if you’re 18+ due to violence, language, and sexual themes.

The series reading order is as follows:
Royal Prick

An Office Romance Series (2 Books)

WARNING: J.L. Beck isn’t responsible for the batteries you will need after/well reading this book series. Please leave your panties behind, pour yourself a drink and dive into these short erotic novels that contain NO cheating, and a happily ever after. If you love your romance novels smutty this book series is for you.

The series reading order is as follows:
Dirty Deeds

A Single Dad Romance Series (1 Book)

Babysitting Love – This is a standalone instalove romance novella with an alpha male that takes charge of the woman he loves. It contains sugary sweet love scenes and moments between a baby and her father that will have your ovaries exploding.

Sold to The Billionaire Series (3 Books)

This is a darkish romance with instalove themes. It contains M/F/M scenes and themes that may not be suitable for all readers. If you love alpha’s who are bad but redeeming then you should definitely consider one-clicking this book.

The series reading order is as follows:
Seducing the Virgin
Seduced by The Billionaire
Taken by The Billionaire

My Best Friend’s Dad Romance Series (2 Books) by J.L. Beck and Kylie Carter

Off Limits – This is a standalone, instalove romance, it contains an alpha male, a strong heroine, and a happily ever after as well as steamy sex that will have you begging your spouse for more. There might be a secret baby or two.

Daddy’s Bestfriend – This one is going to give you all the feels. Instalove and an alpha that takes charge will have you begging for your own spanking. Heed the warning, it’s hot, forbidden, and will turn you on.

Be Mine: A Smut Collection (5 Books)

If you’re a fan of smut then you’ll want to get your hands on this ebook! For a limited time, you can get FIVE of J.L. Beck’s bestselling books in one place.

Their Virgin: Hello, TWINS! Need I say more. (M/F/M Romance)
Extra Credit: This professor has finally met his match.
C*ck Tease: She’s in love with her DADDY’S best friend.
Santa’s Assistant: Can he make all her dreams come true?
Babysitting Love: He needs a nanny, and she wants a baby

Mr Series (2 Books)

The Mr Series – Each book can be read as a standalone and contains a happily ever after that is sure to please. Instalove, surprise babies, forbidden romance, and all things smut are the theme here so if you don’t like your reads sizzling hot, and fast as hell then this book probably isn’t for you.

Mr Alpha
Mr. Heartbreaker

Homegrown Duet by J.L. Beck and Kylie Carter

With a swoon-worthy cowboy, and a forbidden farmer’s daughter you’ll be laughing, crying, and begging for more. At the farm the days were hot, but the nights were hotter.

All I needed was a job, some warm food in my belly, and a place to lay my head at night. I never expected the sweet Millie Houzner, the farmer’s daughter, to be a part of that deal.

Farm Boy

Instalovers (5 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

If Instalove is your thing then you’ll love this book series! They are short and sweet with just a sprinkle of darkness on top. As always, it comes with a happily ever after.

His Gift
Taking What’s His
On The Run
Runaway Bride
Two Strangers

The Rossi Crime Family Series (6 Books)

Dip your toes into the dark criminal underground run by the Rossi Crime Family.

Books In The Rossi Crime Family

  1. Convict Me
  2. Protect Me
  3. Keep Me
  4. Guard Me
  5. Tame Me
  6. Remember Me

Each book is a complete standalone and contains no cheating and a happily ever after. Contains adult themes, and situations not suitable for all readers.

North Woods University Series (6 Books)

North Woods University Series – Each book can be read as a complete standalone and contains NO cliffhanger, NO cheating, and a HEA. Please be advised this series contains material not suitable for all readers. Dubious content is included in this book. This is NOT a YA series.

Bayshore Rivals Series (3 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

Rivals since before birth, there has never been a time when my family hasn’t hated the Lockwoods and their daughter Harlow.

Two years ago she set us up, tainted our family image, and ruined my brother’s life. She made it personal. It was no longer just a rivalry between our parents.

Now she’s here, at Bayshore University, without her family’s protection. There’s nothing to stop us from getting our revenge on her, no one to tell us enough is enough.

A Blackthorn Elite Novel Series (4 Books)

Two years ago she ruined my family’s life. Maybe she thought it was only a little lie. That she did the right thing, that the worst was behind her, that no one had gotten hurt.

Oh, how naive the black-haired beauty was. Fate has finally brought her back to me, to Blackthorn Academy. Once upon a time I was obsessed, consumed with the need to make her mine. Now I just want revenge, and I’ll do whatever I can to get it.

This is a standalone DARK bully romance series. Each book contains scenes that may be triggering to some readers. This is not a YA romance novel and should be read by those only 18+ or older.

Breaking The Rules Novel Series (3 Books)

A series of standalone novels that are all about breaking the rules, from kissing your best friend, wearing a condom and never letting your ex move in with you.

The Obsession Duet (2 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

I made a vow to protect her when we were just kids. First, from the monsters hiding under the bed and then the ones roaming the world freely. My obsession with Dove wasn’t normal, it toed the line on psychotic, but my love for her overshadowed that. I’d killed, destroyed, and hurt those that had done her wrong. I’d watched her for years wanting to claim her but refusing to.

I was both her guardian angel and a demon lurking in the shadows.
She was mine, even though she didn’t know it yet.
I had planned to let her live her life while I watched from afar.

The Moretti Crime Family Series (4 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

The Moretti Crime Family is a series of three dark mafia romances plus a special extended epilogue for the first book that contains mature themes and graphic violence. Each book is a complete standalone (but always good to read the series) that ends with a happily ever after. There is NO cheating either.

King Crime Family Duet (2 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

It was a debt to be settled, a price to be repaid. Sold. My body, mind, and soul, were given to the most terrifying man I’ve ever met – Enzo King.

Violent, commanding, gorgeous, and sinister. He’s a killer, a thief, and feared by many. He has the ability to pin me to the ground with one single look and make me feel things I don’t want to.

Feeding off my fears, he holds me captive in his mansion away from the rest of the world.

Dance For Me Series (5 Books) by J.L. Beck, C. Hallman and Darcey Rose

The Hale brothers are dark, dangerous and ready to be devoured. All Five books in the Dance For Me series are available on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Meet Archer, Kane, Cash, Knox, Myles, and Ace today!!

The Diavolo Duet (2 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

If you make a deal with the devil he will always collect.

They call me ” The Devil. “
Deranged and violent.
Gorgeous but frightening.

The night before her arranged marriage, I kidnap her.

As the last remaining daughter of the Ricci Family, I know her father will do anything to keep his hold over the five families, which means he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Black Heart Romance presents Heaven & Hell (7 Books)

A collaborative series featuring USA bestsellers Darcey Rose, J.L. Beck, C. Hallman, Isabella Starling, Lucy Smoke, Vivian Smoke, Adelaide Forrest and Sam Mariano. The Black Heart Romance series gives you a glimpse into Purgatory, an exclusive club where either your wildest dreams come true or your worst nightmares swallow you whole.

Poisoned Paradise

Doubeck Crime Family Series (5 Books) by J.L. Beck & Monica Corwin

The Doubeck Crime Family series is a dark arranged marriage mafia romance. One that will draw you in from the prequel and will have you guessing what is going to happen next. It contains dub-con/non-con as well as other scenes that may be triggering to some readers.

Corium University Series (4 Books) by J.L. Beck and C. Hallman

The Corium University is a series of dark new adult, enemies to lovers romances, that contains dark themes, including dub-con, and non-con. These are not standalone novels.

Dark Lies Duet (2 Books ) by J.L. Beck and S. Rena

The second our eyes connected I felt the shift in the air.
The crackle of fire igniting between us.
He was dark, dangerous, and secretive.
He came into my life like a storm, ripping apart everything I believed in, everything I thought I knew.
With his mischievous smirk, stunning looks, and alluring behaviour I should’ve run as far away from him as I could.

This is a dark stalker-mafia romance duet. It contains adult themes and material that might be triggering to some readers.

J.L. Beck writing as Mia Payne | Totally Booked Kindle Reading N

J.L. Beck writing as Mia Payne

Corrupting Beauty (Darkest Sin Trilogy)

He wants me.

I know it. I can sense him watching me. Waiting until the perfect moment to pounce, the perfect moment to take me.

I don’t know his name, who he is, or even what he wants with me.

I know I should run. I should call the cops. I should be afraid….

But I’m not…

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Anthologies featuring J.L. Beck

Heartless Heroes: A Dark Romance Anthology

Some heroes want to save the world. Some will burn it down for the one they love.
Call them villains, anti-heroes, criminals, and monsters.
But these dark men love deeply and fiercely and are ready to go to the ends of the earth to save their soulmate.

They will tempt you.
Captivate you.
Drag you into darkness, and leave you breathless.
They’ll show you how good love can be in the dark.

There’s a spark between these pages, and these Heartless Heroes will set your world on fire.

Morally grey is the favourite colour of these twenty new and bestselling authors. Grab your copy now to read all the dark shades of love painted by these Heartless Heroes.

Authors in this set include:
J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, Sahara Roberts & Dori Pulitano, Sonya Jesus, H. D. Carlton & CE Ricci, Lola West, D.S. Wrights, Elizabeth Miller, Lily Wildhart, Morgan James, A.R. Breck, Brynn Ford, Indie Black & Sienna Cousins, Isabella Phoenix & Victoria Pauley, Suki Williams, Ashley Gee, D.W. Marshall, M.L. Philpitt, and Ember Evans

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