Zambrano Crime Family: Miami Mafia (4 Books) by Olivia Deici

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This is a Zambrano mafia crime family series where each book builds on the mafia storyline. While the Miami Mafia Series books can be read as standalone’s, they are best enjoyed in order for the continuity of the storyline.

Zambrano Crime Family: Miami Mafia by Olivia Deici

Roman: Zambrano Crime Family (Miami Mafia Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Although Roman is the second son in his family they all rely on him for something. Keeping him busy with his lawyer workload during the day plus family business long into the evenings. With the two roles crossing over regularly, especially now as he is fighting a bug case on behalf of his youngest brother. Diego.

Izabella (Izzy) has worked hard and ploughed all her savings into setting up and running a free community clinic. Having received several offers to buy her building she opts to visit Roman late one evening to tell him once and for all that she is not selling up. Their meeting doesn’t quite go as planned but she hopes that he listened to her.

Driving home from the office after a last-minute job for his father, Roman spots someone out running in a bad neighbourhood and is shocked to discover it is Izzy. Going toe-to-toe again over her safety, her car and her building there is something about her that makes Roman’s heart wake up and take notice of the first girl (woman) to test him in so many ways. Making sure their paths cross again and again a relationship forms between them.

Taking things slowly as Roman can see that there are hurts and secrets in Izzy’s past. things that start to make themselves known, however, will Roman discover what’s happening too late?

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Carlos: Zambrano Crime Family (Miami Mafia Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Carlos has always wanted a happily ever after with a wife and children. Past hurts hs left him feeling that this is now unlikely for him. So he is surprised by the instant connection he feels to the stranger in the bar of his hotel Oasis. Leading to a night of passion – and her leaving in the night.

Whilst Cari (Caridad) can’t stop thinking about the man Los she spent the night with. Happily ever after doesn’t feature in her future so she keeps herself busy with her work as an oncologist. During a consultation with her best friend’s boyfriend’s family (his father has cancer), she is shocked to discover that Los (aka Carlos) is one of the brothers. The chemistry between them sparks and fizzing in the air.

Refusing to let her slip through his fingers again, Carlos does everything he can to make her his. However, Cari has a past that plays a large part in her present, defecting real emotions and love with sex. Something Carlos isn’t going to let her get away with and puts the brakes on things until she is ready to admit her true feelings for him. It’s not just her emotions causing problems, she also has family connections to the Cartel that she knew nothing about (or their place in Carlos’ world) who come out of the woodwork to cause issues.

Can Carlos prove to Cari that he is in this for the long haul and protect her no matter what the cost?

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Marco: Zambrano Crime Family (Miami Mafia Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Marco’s life was turned upside down the night he returned home to find his wife, Jenny, brutally raped, murdered and dismembered. With their young daughter Ari the only thing in his life stopping him from giving it all up and joining his wife. Trouble sleeping one night with Ari leads to him driving around Miami in the hope to get Ari to sleep. Pulling into a diner he meets Natascha who welcomes both him and Ari with a warm smile and Cuban food.

Natascha knows something about the pain and demons that are showcased in Marco’s eyes. having had her own tragedies to deal with she is not the girl she once was. Over the course of a year, her friendship with Marco (and Ari) grows, feeding him Cuban foods and providing a listening ear he feels like need to protect Tascha from overzealous diners and her boss Ricky.

A slow-burn romance between them grows from the friendship they share. Overcoming the guilt from finding love after a loss as well as fulfilling the need for revenge on those who have wronged them in the past. Each wants to protect the other from future hurts and hope for a future together. However, there are still a number of threats to overcome with Natascha making a few sacrifices along the way.

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Diego: Zambrano Crime Family (Miami Mafia Book 4)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Diego has always been adamant that settling down and love would not be something for him – especially if they came with the additional baggage of a child. The only child in his life is his niece Ari, who has him wrapped around her little finger. And it is through Ari that he meets Anessa, the sexy librarian at her school. Volunteering to collect Ari more often in order to interact with her, not that it goes well as she is very guarded and protective of her son – oh yes, she has a son too!

After years of physical, mental and emotional abuse from her husband (and FBI agent) Anessa was finally able to gain freedom away from him. Divorcing him and removing any parental rights to their son (who he didn’t believe was his anyway). Attempting to stand on her own two feet isn’t easy, money is tight and her ex is still in the background causing her hassle. Diego Zambrano might be gorgeous but she has more than one reason to stay away from him.

Helping her with car issues leads to them chatting and getting along, with Diego taking her son under his wing and showing him the affection that his father never did. Melting her heart and opening it up to him, she is worried about what will happen when he discovers how she was able to gain a divorce. Not to mention what her ex will do when he finds out about their relationship.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition

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