Scoring with the Center by Piper Rayne

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Being one of the few women reporting on professional sports has its challenges, but the views of the World were changing—or so I thought. All was well until San Francisco Infernos’ star center, Brock Allen, made a comment about me at a press conference. Suddenly, every internet troll is questioning my ability to do my job, judging me by my cup size.

Scoring with the Center

Scoring with the Center by Piper Rayne

Living in San Francisco Kelsey Callaway has worked hard to transition from her Texas roots. With big boobs and blonde hair, many make the misconception that she is a dumb bimbo, when in fact she is a talented sports journalist. Recently taking over the coverage for the Infernos she attends one of their after game conferences. Letting the other reporters fight it out for questions she bides her time before getting her opportunity. Leading to an unexpected comment muttered from the star center Brock Allen.

Assuming he’d covered the mic when he told his teammate that Kelsey was beautiful he inadvertently shared the comment with the entire press conference. It is only when he next sees Kelsy that he begins to understand the impact of his comment on her and her reputation within the industry. Attempting to make amends for the comment and the situation, he wants to take her out on a date for dinner but she is reluctant to get involved despite their obvious chemistry.

Finally giving in to the desires, Kelsey is left wondering whether this is a one-night stand or if Brock wants something more? Can they make something out of this situation or are they better to walk away?

Scoring with the Center by Piper Rayne is free to download via Prolific Works

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