Loving the Boss Series (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Dove Daniels

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Loving the Boss Series (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Dove Daniels

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They say it isn’t a good idea to get involved with your boss, but sometimes love has different plans.
Short, sweet, dirty, & flirty romance featuring gorgeous alpha men and the women they love.
Loving the boss isn’t always such a bad idea.

Each book is a complete standalone story featuring a boss/employee relationship. The books in this series range from 8,000 to 12,000 words; perfect for a lunch break, commuting on public transport, or a quick read before bed.

Loving the Boss Series by Dove Daniels

Loving the Boss: Anders & Jenna by Dove Daniels

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She found herself quickly falling for her new, sexy, older boss.
He fought against the pull the younger woman had on him.

Ahead of starting a new job, Katie is ready to have one last night of fun. After chatting to someone via a dating app she is set to meet them in a hotel bar. No names, no repeats and condoms to be used are all they have agreed to have them embark on an amazing night together. Sneaking out the following morning as she needs to collect the rest of her belongings to move into the apartment that comes with the job.

Unable to forget the woman from the night before Anders is a little grumpy at the prospect of meeting his new assistant. Which turns to shock when it is Jenna on his doorstep, although he doesn’t know her name, ready to learn the ropes from his current assistant. Jenns address the awkwardness between them and they attempt to keep things professional.

Amazed at just how well she has stepped up into the role and made it her own, Anders is having a hard time concentrating when she is around. Unable to keep their hands to themselves they embark on a passion-filled partnership.

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Loving the Boss: Booker & Caroline by Dove Daniels

She convinced herself she could do casual with him.
He quickly realized he wanted more for the first time in his life.

Caroline could pull her hair out due to the problems Booker is causing her appointment system at the garage. Another day and another bickering match between the pair. She enjoyed her job when it was his father in charge, someone who became a surrogate father to her in the absence of her own parents. However, Caroline has a history with Booker, a teenage crush on him that left her ignored when she finally came of age to do anything about it.

There is something about Caroline that frustrates the hell out of Booker. Running into her at his father’s house for dinner he watches her get drunk before offering to drive her home. Somewhat surprised by her drunken honesty, he promises her that if she remembers the conversation in the morning he will act upon it.

What was to be a one-night affair becomes friends with benefits but it’s not enough for Caroline. Finding it difficult to have him in all areas of her life but he could walk away at any time. She decides to walk away before her heart is broken beyond repair. Will he realise what he had?

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Loving the Boss: Hayden & Lexie by Dove Daniels

She wasn’t on the lookout for love.
He was already in way over his head.

Wandering around the store doing her groceries whilst questioning her life choices Lexie hears the sound of a crying baby. Spotting the little one upset and pulling at his ear she reacts on instinct and heads over to him and who she assumes is the baby’s father. Asking if she can pick him up, the frazzled dad agrees and marvels at her as she calms the baby down.

Running on next to no sleep might account for why Hayden offers a practical stranger a job as a live-in nanny for Jack. Astonished that she says yes he is over the moon when she moves in and slowly gets into a routine with Jack around his work-from-home meetings etc.

Discovering an ease in being in each other’s company they spend time watching movies etc. But it is when they finally kiss does the sparks truly begin to fly.

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Loving the Boss: Ronin & Katie by Dove Daniels

She’d loved him for years, but she didn’t think he saw her as more than an assistant and friend.
He’d been blind to what was right in front of him for all these years.

For the past ten years, Katie has been Ronin’s right-hand woman. Working together and living together, albeit in adjoining apartments. But for the past five years, she has secretly been in love with her older boss. Coming to her to discuss a family issue, where his grandfather has changed his will and he needs to marry in order to inherit has her searching for a wife for him.

Although Ronin doesn’t need his grandfather’s inheritance, he did have plans for the estate. Deciding to marry for convenience he endures more and more terrible interviews with women Katie has set up. He sits there wondering why he can’t find someone like Katie, leading to an epiphany that the woman for him has been under his nose this whole time.

How can he ever ask her to marry him for his inheritance? she deserves to marry for love.

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