Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Anthology (15 Books)

Totally Booked Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe Anthology (15 Books)

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Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is an exclusive anthology of scorching hot NEW holiday stories. Brand new holiday stories from bestselling authors! This boxed set contains powerful alpha men and heroines who bring them to their knees.

Enter the world of dark mansions and mysterious heroes. The notorious Morelli family hosts their annual Christmas ball. And you are invited to experience the sensual feast. Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

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Hallelujah by Skye Warren

It’s time for the annual Christmas party/gala at the Morelli mansion, Eva once again helps to ensure that everything looks beautiful and goes smoothly. Which is how she finds herself in the kitchen fixing two thousand mince pies that the caterer got wrong and her mom wants to be fixed. Leading to a surprise visit from Finn Hughes who attempts to charm Eva but she tries to hold herself back from getting involved with another Constantine.

A welcome glimpse into the Midnight Dynasty World for Finn Hughes and Eva Morelli from the Pretend Ever After series (The Hughes Series).

O Come All Ye Faithful by Amelia Wilde

Getting ready for the Morelli family Christmas Eve party, Haley Constantine is beyond nervous about it all. Whilst she might not be one of ‘those Constantines’ he does belong to the family and therefore somewhat of an enemy in some of the Morelli’s eyes. Not Leo though, to him she is perfection – or soon will be when she bears his last name next month when they marry. Continuing their control, pain fuelled relationship they manage to push a few peoples buttons at the party and see the magic of Christmas through each other’s eyes.

A welcome catch up with Haley Constantine and Leo Morelli from Amelia Wilde’s Beauty and The Beast Trilogy.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Giana Darling

Elena is feeling on top of the world at the moment as she stands in the bullpen of her law offices. Although she is surprised to find a stranger walking in after hours attempting to blindside her by knowing her name whilst she does not know the man with the scarred face. Attempting to persuade ger to take him on as a client has him falling short until her husband Dante arrives and appears to know the stranger Tiernan Morelli. Inviting them to his families Christmas party, Tiernan hopes he can get Elena on his side as he has quite a battle in his future.

A chance to catch up with Elena and Dante from When Heroes Fall, whilst introducing you to Tiernan Morelli whose story starts in Dangerous Temptation.

This Christmas by Theodora Taylor

Josh Grant’s life has been predetermined by his family for many years. Serving his country as a NAVY Seal, becoming a lawyer and then assisting his brother to take over his father’s congress seat to lead him to the White House. During his time in the military, he gains a Christmas card from a secret admirer which means more to him than he’ll admit to anyone. receiving a card every Christmas for 12 years during which time his life plans have altered and he is set to take the path to the White House.

But Neisha can’t stand back and watch him from afar anymore and after a snowed in stay in a cabin, she puts her big girl pants on and confronts Josh.

An introduction into Josh and Neisha’s story, crossing over with the Midnight Dynasty World His Secret Love from Theodora Taylor due for release in late 2022.

Wrapped In Red by Sam Mariano

Georgia has worked as Lee’s PA for the last few years, working late to anticipate his needs. She attends to all aspects of his life from organising his schedule to purchasing and wrapping family gifts. Whilst she would love to cross over into the romantic side of his life, he is married and that is a line she would never cross.

Finding out that his wife has upped and left him makes her understand his actions. But she knows that nothing can happen between them and continues to arrange dates. Lee requests for her to attend the Morelli Christmas ball which she tuns down due to a date but he pulls some strings to get her to accompany him. Lines blurring but when he leaves her alone at the ball for business she realises that this is all just a work arrangement – right?

A festive novella that introduces you to the author Sam Mariano and makes you want to discover more dark romances such as Accidental Witness.

O Holy Night by Pam Godwin

The twenty-year age gap might be taboo enough for most people but add into the mix that Magnus was not only her teacher at private school but also a priest. Now it’s time to catch up with the ultimate taboo couple as they navigate the festive season at Tinsley’s moms Christmas party. Having to swallow jealously and the absence of Magnus (who is actually only across the room). But it all gets full-on when an attempted poisoning of Tinsely occurs and she turns to her sister Elaine and her boyfriend Lucian Morelli to help Magnus find out what is happening.

A festive catch up with the Lessons In Sin couple who cover a range of taboos and make you realise that nothing matters if you love each other.

Santa Baby by Claire Contreras

Vanessa loves being a third-grade teacher, however, between her ex texting her and her class asking when he’ll be coming to see them she is feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Despite then being divorced for almost two years they each see each other’s family regularly just not when the other is visiting.

Walking away from Vanessa and taking a job in California has to be one of the biggest mistakes of Adam’s life. Whilst he has his reasons they should have been something that they overcame together. Determined to get her back he has quit his job moved back and wants to take her to the annual Morelli Christmas Ball.

An update from Vanessa and Adam who you first meet in Clair Contreras’ The Player (Camilla’s Story)

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Last Christmas by Katee Robert

Walking into the Morelli Christmas party with his aunt and cousin, Cael isn’t sure why he is here other than to babysit his cousin. Last Christmas his heart was broken at this party Eleanor who at the time was a senator’s wife. One last secret hook up before she turned him away for good. Although life has changed for her in the last year with the senator dying six months ago. She hopes that Cael will be able to forgive her for her actions last Christmas. But can they ever be together in the light instead of hiding in the shadows?

A short novella featuring one of the O’Malley family members. For more action from them be sure to start with The Marriage Contract.

Little Drummer Boy by M. O’Keefe

Zilla is on a mission to retrieve a phone from one of the distant Morelli clan who is blackmailing someone she knows. Attempting to sneak up to the family bedrooms she is grabbed and taken into a room whilst doing her best to fight off her attacker she realises that it is Jacob. the boy she has been in love with for two years who pulls her close only to push her away again. Looking to distract her from her mission they get up close and personal but then he goes to push her away again. What will it take for them to be on the same page?

A festive friends to lovers story featuring Jacob and Zilla, if you want to learn how her sister Poppy found love then be sure to read Ruined by M. O’Keefe.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Jenika Snow

Dating the ‘fixer’ for the Ruin means that Arlo’s work hours are somewhat irregular. Having moved back from Las Vegas to Desolation, New York Galina is adjusting to life with her possessive but handsome Russian. Invited to the Morelli Christmas Ball he doesn’t feel it is safe for Galina to attend but knows that if he doesn’t attend or bring her along it will be deemed as a snub. So Arlo must keep her close and protect her from the darkness in his life.

A festive epilogue to Arlo and Galina’s Coldhearted Bastard story by Jenika Snow.

Carol of the Bells by Maria Luis

Laela can’t remember why she gave unto Lucian Morelli’s insistence that she attends his family’s Christmas Gal – just like she would have done before her father was arrested and put away by the FBI. As she walks around she is looking for a way to escape when she is stopped by a handsome stranger – although he seems to know her and despite his warning that she hates him she ends up getting to know him in a dark corner of the ball. Realising who he is she flees but can’t stop thinking about him and why he is in her life.

A festive fate inspired novella that will have you thinking about why some people come into your life. If you liked this one you should take a look at Made In Ruin by Maria Luis.

Silent Night by Sienna Snow

With her great aunt fleeing the family and the arranged marriage between two families this pact now falls on Nyx’s shoulders. Although an alternative arrangement was made between her and Simon – a year in his bed and he’s let her go. But she chose to stay and whilst they married in secret it is almost time for them to marry in front of their families. Just the small matter of one of her illegal poker tournaments to get out of the way, which Simon was not happy about. As well as attending the Morelli Christmas Ball but does she wish to flee this life or enjoy it with Simon by her side?

A festive novella about an arrangement that becomes so much more than they each thought it would. Catch up with the other characters mentioned in the Gods of Vegas book series.

Away in a Manger by Jade West

As the head of Morelli Holdings, it is only right that Lucian should attend his families annual Christmas Gala. With his wife Elaine by his side, although this will be the first time they have left their son Arlo overnight. A security team and nanny in place they head to the gala although as a Constantine by birth Elaine is still viewed as an outsider by the wider Morelli family. Always on the alert for risks against his family Lucian grabs Elaine when the nanny makes a call.

A five-year epilogue to Lucian and Elaine’s story, a chance to catch up with their love affair. Read their full story in the Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy.

All I Want for Christmas Is You by M. Robinson

Jax Colton is an NFL star who recently celebrated his thirty-forth birthday – so naturally, the world wants to know when he is going to settle down. Not sure that he ever will, he is happy to attend the Morelli Christmas Gala and maybe find someone to warm his bed. Although he was expecting to meet Sophie who captured his attention as soon as he laid eyes on her. Suddenly finding what he’d really like for Christmas,

Whilst Jax Colton doesn’t have his own book as yet (it’s in the pipeline), you can make a start on his world with Second Chance Contract by M. Robinson.

Silver Bells by Alta Hensley

Sneaking into the Morelli Christmas Gala, Lyriop is in the same place as her father and half-siblings only without the invitation or the money that comes with the Morelli name. Spotting Nick Hudson owner of Wonderland (Notorious sex palace) across the rooms he is transfixed by him but suddenly spots henchmen of the Russian she owes a debt to and goes in search of a way out. Finding herself locked in a room with Nick and making a deal to ensure her safety.

An introduction to Lyriope and Nick’s story with their first meeting. Their full story is available next year in King Of Spades.

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