Her Accidental Hero Series (4 Books) by Holly Jaymes

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Her Accidental Hero Series (4 Books) by Holly Jaymes

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Her accidental hero is a set of four interlocking stories about four brothers and the women they love. Each with their own misunderstandings, communication problems and obstacles to overcome in order to be with the woman that they love.

Her Accidental Hero Series by Holly Jaymes

Hating Her Hero (Her Accidental Hero Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sam and Gabe met and fell in love with each other in the seventh grade. However, they each had their on-off relationships throughout the school. It’s not until they are twenty-two that they are both single at the same time. Finally able to embark on a relationship over the summer until Sam returns to college and Gabe heads to Florida to start working on a home renovation show. Their long-distance relationship lasted just six months leaving them heartbroken and bitter.

Four years later Sam has purchased an old house to renovate and live in. Winning a $50k renovation budget via a TV show – which she discovers that Gabe is the leader contractor/host for. Meeting for the first time since they split it is clear they are both angry and bitter but they have to work together for the house/show.

House issues and tight budgets hit and when Gabe tells Sam about them she isn’t happy. Taking her to one side away from the cameras they attempt to talk about it but bed up kissing. The undercurrent of their chemistry continues throughout the rehab with them embarking on a fling. But miscommunications and past hurts plague them and threaten to ruin their blossoming romance. With the project coming to a close what happens next?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Her Hero Boss (Her Accidental Hero Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nate is looking to take his pharmaceutical company public, however, his lawyer explains that his playboy reputation may hinder his chance of gaining investments. He might like the ladies, however, he doesn’t have a revolving door for them. But it looks from the outside that he does. He needs to change this perception of himself with Dave suggesting a marriage. Needing to attend a fundraiser to raise his profile he asks his assistant Hallie to attend with him to help with the information etc.

Hallie’s house burnt down recently and is dealing with the insurance company regarding a rebuild but she wants to make changes to accommodate her parents (mom has MS and dad is getting old). Unsure how she is going to fund the extra cost she focuses on her job. Working as Nate’s assistant she likes her job although she is attracted to her boss. Attending an event with him she is surprised when he introduces her to someone as his wife. With Nate coming clean to her about needing to clean up his image and asking her to be his fake wife. In exchange, he’ll fund her rebuild – a crazy idea but somehow she says yes.

Seeing Hallie in that green dress cemented Nate’s growing attraction to his assistant. Unlike the women he usually dates, she is natural, curvy and truly captivating. But he has to keep this fake marriage professional and convince investors that he is a changed man. The pull between them ignites and their fake marriage feels like a real relationship – but it’s just an agreement, right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Her Mountain Hero (Her Accidental Hero Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nine years ago Hope gave her twin brother’s best friend her virginity. Attending a graduation party they took a walk along the riverbank and she let her feelings towards Mitch known. Despite feeling the same way he immediately regrets betraying his friend by sleeping with his sister. They part on bad terms and head their separate ways.

Finally able to chase her dreams of designing her own clothing Hope is headed to the mountains for a month to work on her business plan, sketches and samples. Until her reservation is cancelled and her car breaks down with no cell service. As luck with would have it Mitch drives by having moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains three years ago. Inviting her to stay in his new guest extension whilst her car is fixed etc.

It’s clear that Hope still harbours bitter feelings about their time together nine years ago. However, they fall into a routine around the house, enjoying their time together. With Mitch helping her with different aspects of her new business. A storm draws them closer until they can’t deny the undercurrent of attraction between them. Still feeling guilty about his friend Parker, Mitch and Hope agree to embark on a mountain fling whilst she is staying there.

They manage to navigate family interruptions to enjoy time together. With time running out, a split condom and misunderstandings it appears their fling might have lasting repercussions that neither thought would happen. Pulling on the heartstrings, tissues at the ready for this one.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Accidentally My Hero (Her Accidental Hero Book 4)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Adalyn has travelled the world with her diplomat father, however, it is the US that she has made her home. Working in cyber tech on government projects she is getting close to finishing her latest project. As a Canadian, she requires a visa to stay and work and hers is almost up. Her bosses ate trying to get her a long-stay visa but need to assign her additional projects to ensure she meets the criteria. Her immigration officer isn’t happy that her father is in Iraq and that she could slip secrets to him or potential kidnappers. So she cuts off communication with her family until her visa issues are sorted.

Will is a former FBI cybersecurity agent and now owns a billion-dollar tech company. Managing multiple government projects as well as working in private tech security. He met Adalyn three years ago as the daughter of a diplomat he was working with she was off-limits. Taking her out for coffee was the closest to a date as he could get. Although she thought he was a dullard, she is, however, the one that got away. A call from her father worried about her whereabouts has him searching for her tracking her down to a tech conference in Vegas.

Meeting again after three years they each have their hidden attractions but don’t let them show. Spending the day together to have fun they end up drunk and married. Initially looking to get an annulment or a divorce, until Will suggests they stay married for her green card. Can they really continue a fake marriage for three years? Lying to their family and friends? Most importantly what impact will this have on her immigration officer and Will’s business? Tissues at the ready this one.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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