Reindeer Falls: The Sheppard Brothers (3 Books)

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Reindeer Falls: The Sheppard Brothers (3 Books)

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Christmas in Reindeer Falls is more naughty than nice, especially with the Sheppard brothers returning to Reindeer Falls for Christmas. These stories are over-the-top festive with merrily-ever-afters guaranteed. Novella length for quick holiday binge reading. Enjoy!

Reindeer Falls: The Sheppard Brothers by Jane Aston

Elves With Benefits (Reindeer Falls Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Holiday Enforcement Officer Maggie loves Christmas and all things Reindeer Falls. Having moved to the town from Florida she is the town realtor as well as a Christmas Elf who helps enforce the town’s festive spirit. Meeting with her two best friends Lexi and Sutton at Gingersnaps she is informed that the trio of hotness aka the Sheppard brothers are back in town and living in their uncle’s old house on Candy Cane Lane. Knowing that this is the only house on that street not decorated she rushes off to have a word.

With no answer, she writes up her tickets but literally bumps into Ryan Sheppard as she is about to leave. Living up to her friend’s description of hotness, however, it is clear that he is a full-on Grinch. Maggie presses a few more of his buttons as he attempts to pay for the tickets and put the house on the market. Opting to head back to Chicago until Jan Maggie thinks that this will be the last she sees of him until the New Year. That is until a snowstorm rolls into town.

Pushing aside their festive differences, well almost, they manage to enjoy dinner after Maggie rescue him from the side of the road. Giving in to her Christmas lust they come together as they prepare to decorate the house. Feeling as though she is about to get her own festive book or Hallmark Christmas movie moment she is walking on cloud nine – until Ryan gets the promotion he has been working toward.

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One Night With A Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls Book 5)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Finding an abandoned goat by the side of the road kickstarted a whole new life for Sutton. Realising her parents wouldn’t take to it loving with them she set about finding an alternative. Winning an old Airstream in a drunken poker game she parked it up on some old, unused land just outside the town and has been there ever since. Taking on more unwanted goats as she comes across them, making repairs to the barn on the property. As well as starting her own business selling soaps and cheeses etc from goat’s milk.

Finding someone trespassing in her barn has her wanting answers, although discovering that the handsome stranger owns the land was not what she wanted to hear. Especially coming from Jake Sheppard’s mouth and the bombshell that she needs to move on as he plans to build a golf course. Standing her ground and claiming squatters rights has her going toe to toe with Jaek. Initially telling him he’ll have to sleep in the barn but relents when she feels bad and lets him into the Airstream.

The space suddenly feeling too small she offers him just one night together which he utilises very productively. But when a surveyor turns up to check out the farm and insults Sutton and her goats, she is surprised to find Jake coming to her aid. But he’ll be heading back to the city once he has evicted her and sorted out his new golf course – right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Bachelor On The Shelf (Reindeer Falls Book 6)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Head librarian and animal lover Lexi has always had a soft spot for her neighbour’s dog, Rudy. Looking after him since old Joe passed away, today she has to hand him over to Carter Sheppard his nephew to who he left the dog in his will. Feeling as though Carter isn’t taking his role as dog daddy seriously Lexi worries about Rudy but reluctantly hands him over. When Carter suddenly comes after her to ask her out, for a month, to play his fake fiance – erm, nope, not happening.

Not giving in to the Sheppard charm Lexi stands firm when Carter visits her at the library. But it is Rudy that breaks her resolve as she finds Carter attempting to push him past his limits on a walk. Whilst most people would want money or fame from a fake relationship with a baseball star, Lexi, just wants full custody of Rudy. Needing to clean up his image for an endorsement campaign Carter is all too happy to say yes.

Fake dating they submerge themselves in Reindeer Falls festivities with a trip to see Santa, a sleigh ride, a visit to the Teddy Bear Cafe and the floating bookshop. Capturing the photos he needs for social media, however, the chemistry between them isn’t faked and they indulge in all aspects of a relationship. But with an expiration date on their relationship and Carter heading back for Spring training, a festive fling is all this can ever be, right? What if there were a reason why Carter was left Rudy by his uncle?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

If you loved the sound of this festive novella series, be sure to check out the Reindeer Falls: The Winter Sisters novella series by Jane Aston who kickstarted all the festive fun in Reindeer Falls.

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