Reindeer Falls: The Winter Sisters (3 Books)

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Reindeer Falls: The Winter Sisters (3 Books)

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Join the Winter sisters of Reindeer Falls, where Christmas comes with a host of more naughty than nice. They’re over-the-top Christmas with merrily-ever-afters guaranteed. These stories are novella length for quick holiday binging. Enjoy!

Reindeer Falls: The Winter Sisters by Jane Aston

The Boss Who Stole Christmas (Reindeer Falls Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Holly Winters loves all things Christmas and living in Reindeer Falls and working for the Flying Reindeer Toy Company is perfect – except her Grinch-like boss. Nick Saint-Coux might be handsome as hell but since he took over as CEO from his uncle he has been making her life difficult. Stopping by her desk to poke fun at her homemade calendar and to check that she’ll be attending the 10am meeting, even though she still has a few minutes before she needs to be there.

Her main project at the moment is setting up a Teddy Bear Cafe ready for the summer season. During an update about the progress, Nick requests further reports as well as the prospect of adding a takeaway counter. If this wasn’t enough to add to her plate ahead of Christmas, he declares that she’ll be coming with him on the business trip to Germany next week. Despite trying to get out of it she ends up having to suck it p and pack. Re-doing her advent calendar which rewards her for getting through a workday with Nick to include the days they will be in Germany.

Holly’s sisters aren’t much help when they rename her calendar her countdown to Dickmas. Finally heading off on the trip and things are awkward between them. Making small talk they slowly become more comfortable with Nick surprisingly her wuth a trip to a Christmas market. Suddenly there is a fine line between love and hate but he is still her boss so this is all wrong, right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

If You Give A Jerk A Gingerbread (Reindeer Falls Book 2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whilst her sisters were happy to play with easy bake ovens, Ginger has been utilising the real oven since an early age. Falling in love with the art of baking. She has been Saginaw Gingerbread Champion for the past three years and has been saving up to open her own bakery. Working out of the Inn’s kitchen’s part-time to create the sweet treats she sells across the town and served to the hotel guests.

The Great Gingerbread Bake Off is heading to Reindeer Falls and Ginger is one of the contestants. When someone requests to meet the baker behind her cookie whilst she is baking at the Inn, she is surprised to see the Food Network celebrity chef Keller James. Assuming he is here as one of the guest judges she attempts to hold back her crush on him. Arriving on set the following day it comes to light that Keller is in fact one of the contestants. Feeling distracted by him she attempts to ignore him as much as possible.

Stolen glances across the kitchen and little comments here and there has her pulse racing. Inviting himself along with her on a day off from filming she shows him around Reindeer Falls as she completes errands. Sharing her plan to open a bakery which she hopes the $10k prize money will help her do. Their love affair goes from strength to strength until Ginger sees something which questions Keller’s loyalty to her.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The One Night Stand Before Christmas (Reindeer Falls Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

‘He can’t run around getting the milk for free forever. Boy’s gotta buy the cow some time”.

Working at Reindeer Falls Community Centre, Noel is forever being told about grandson’s who need a good wife. Politely declining offers of being set up she goes about her business. Standing in at the last minute for her colleague at the Santa’s meet and greet at the library one weekend. Warned that Jillian’s brother Teddy can be a flirt, but is currently an unemployed bachelor who lives in their parent’s basement.

Cursing Teddy for being late she suddenly spots a handsome stranger looking her way as he drops off some library books. Calling out Teddy he comes over and she wastes no time in getting him into Santa’s suit ready to have photos with the children. He flirts with her across the afternoon and invites her for dinner but they settle on a hot chocolate. Walking her home leads to her pulling him into her apartment and getting herself firmly on the naughty list. Sneaking out the next morning to meet her sister she is disappointed that he has gone.

Monday morning she is ready to apologise for sleeping with Jillian’s brother when Jillian apologises first for Teddy not turning up. If it wasn’t her brother dressed as Santa, then who was it?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

If you loved the sound of this festive novella series, be sure to check out the Reindeer Falls: The Sheppard Brothers novella series by Jane Aston for more festive fun in Reindeer Falls.

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