Royally Engaged Series (2 Books)

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Royally Engaged Series (2 Books)

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Time to fall in love with the Royally Engaged series from Jennifer Bonds. Each book in the series is a standalone featuring one of the Prince’s of Valeria.

Royally Engaged Series by Jennifer Bonds

A Royal Disaster (Royally Engaged Book 1) by Jennifer Bonds

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A light romantic comedy is sure to leave you smiling…

Elena has been working hard to make a success of her East Village Art studio. Offering art classes and experiences to young and old. It’s a struggle financially but she loves creating and sharing art. A letter arrives notifying her that her ex is suing her for emotional distress has her wondering what she is going to do. With no money to pay him off or for a lawyer to fight. She opts to blow off steam painting in the courtyard behind the studio.

Liam is attempting to get away from the press had given his guards the slip. As Crown Prince of Valeria, his life is spent in front of the media. Just as he slips through a fence he is covered in purple paint and hit in the groin by the falling paint can. Elena doesn’t recognise who he is (which is refreshing for the prince) and after bantering about trespassing agrees to let him clean up in the studio.

Following their awkward meeting, the press has a field day with Elena, causing her to lose precious bookings. Looking to make it up to her and get his parents off his back about marriage he asks her to fake-date him for the month he is in New York. A series of disasters happen as Elena’s ‘Murphy’s Law’ theory is put to the test. Along the way, things change from a business arrangement to something more.

Can they truly be together? How can the prince date a commoner? A happy ever after tale with references to the classic Pretty Woman film.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Royal Trouble (Royally Engaged Book 2) by Jennifer Bonds

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s time for everyone’s favourite bad boy, Prince Alexander Stanley, to clean up his act.

Desperately needing the staff writer position, Everly tries her best to persuade the editor that whilst she doesn’t have the ground experience she has the qualifications and is a quick learner. Letting it slip that she was behind the Royals Gone Wild scandal site, which sparks interest in the editor. Tasked with providing a Royal exclusive and she’ll gain the much-needed position plus a bonus – helping pay her mother’s medical bills. Travelling from New York to Valeria for her friend’s wedding she doesn’t want to get drawn into court life or expose any scandals.

Being the spare heir, Alexander (Xander) is pleased that his brother is getting married and hopes that they will have lots of babies moving him further away from any possible Royal responsibilities. Having a regular spot in the popular he is known for being a playboy and bringing the royal name down into the gutter. Told to clean up his act ahead of the Royal Wedding plus tasking him to manage the new foundation for the fallen Valerian soldiers (a subject close to his heart). He attempts to keep out of trouble but the world appears to be conspiring against him, especially when Everly comes into his life.

Bumping into Xander at her friend’s wedding Everly attempts to put space between them but a ripped dress leaves Xander back in the news. Drawn to her far more than anyone ever has before he tries to wear down her defences but they keep getting interrupted. As the bastard child of a Duke, Everly doesn’t wish to be in Valeria any longer than necessary but she needs to find a story in order to secure her job, But finding out the effect that RGW had on Xander in years gone by has her feeling a whole new level of guilt.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

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