Meadow Hill Romantic Comedy Series {2 Books} by Harmony Knight

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Meadow Hill Romantic Comedy Series {2 Books} by Harmony Knight

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Meadow Hill is a small town in upstate New York, the focus of this romantic comedy series from Harmony Knight. Featuring the lives and loves of Robbie, her younger sister Anna and her best friend Franchesca.

Meadow Hill Romantic Comedy by Harmony Knight

Road Trip with the Billionaire: A Meadow Hill Romantic Comedy by Harmony Knight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Published 31st March 2022
Dual POV

A billionaire in disguise, a writer down on her luck, and a road trip to force them together…
If you’re thinking this is the part where I fall for the guy, write a bestseller, and turn it all around? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Aspiring author Robbie (Roberta) Wilson moved from her small hometown in upstate New York to Chicago with hopes of being able to write and get published. Instead, she found herself living with a wannabe rockstar who lived off her long hours at the local diner whilst her ‘worked on his music’. Catching him cheating on her with her so-called friend she packs her bags and knows it is time for her to return home. Not exactly heartbroken about the breakup she books an across-country trip bus ticket, facing a long journey and multiple stops.

Matt Sullivan should be proud of the wealth he has accumulated and how well his business is going, Except the billionaire is currently attempting to run away from his corporate life. Driving across states to see his big brother in Meadow Hill, upstate New York whilst he assesses a local firm that he might purchase. Stopping for a coffee at a bus station cafe he spots the only occupant fast asleep, yet still looking beautiful. waking suddenly she subsequently manages to spill coffee on him. Followed by an awkward bathroom encounter when he is attempting to get himself clean up. but somehow he offers to drive her to Albany, New York after she misses her bus connection.

Their road trip is filled with awkward silences, sly looks and missed opportunities. their paths cross again after Matt caused his brother to have an accident and offers to stay to help look after the diner he owns – with Robbie taking up her old position now that she is back home. Miscommunications, bets made and time spent together has the pair questioning how they feel about each other. Whilst Robbie knew about some of the lies and mistruths he had told her during the road trip but it appears that he still had a secret or two in the closet – can he make her change her mind about him?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Sun, Sea, the Billionaire and Me: A Meadow Hill Romantic Comedy by Harmony Knight

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Published 24th August 2022
First Person POV

Stranded on a desert island with a billionaire playboy? This nerdy accountant is used to things getting fiscal… not physical.
Loving a billionaire Adonis should be as easy as one, two, three, but Jonah Wells is an equation I just can’t solve.

A year ago Fran watched her best friend Robbie marry Matt in a beautiful ceremony, however, an incident with the geese had her landing in the lake. the best man Jonah comes to her aid and takes her back to his room to get her cleaned up. despite the spark between them, nothing happened and they headed back to the wedding. Fran was unable to understand why he kept blowing hot and cold throughout the day.

Having worked hard saving money from working in the diner, Franchesca has finally been able to make the movie from Meadow Hill to New York. Landing a top internship hasn’t quite gone to plan as she has a boss from hell who treated her as a PA rather than anything to do with accountancy. She is looking forward to getting away for a week, heading off to a private island to celebrate her best friend’s wedding anniversary. Secretly hoping for a holiday as it’s been a while since she has been able to date.

Arriving on the island she finds herself in Jonah’s arms straight away and in a compromising position as she loses her bikini top. Continuing to blow hot and cold across the week she reluctantly partners with him for the treasure hunt so she can potentially sell him the Harley Davidson to Jonah and ease some of her money problems. It is only when they are felt alone on the island does Jonah make a somewhat reluctant move but she is happy with everything he has to offer. Jonah keeps their non-dating going as she returns to New York but demands from her job, sick father and the press have her backing away from Jonah but has she made a mistake?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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