Seattle Billionaires Series: Reading Order {4 Books} By Olivia Hayle

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Seattle Billionaires Series: Reading Order {4 Books} By Olivia Hayle

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Welcome to the Seattle Billionaires series from Olivia Hayle, a collection of four standalone novels – although it is always best to read in the order that they are published. Guaranteed to show you a good time, filled with her trademark smart heroines and filthy rich heroes.

Seattle Billionaires Series By Olivia Hayle

Billion Dollar Enemy (Seattle Billionaires Book 1) by Olivia Hayle

Published 5th September 2020

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 294

Billion Dollar Enemy (Seattle Billionaires Book 1)

My one-night stand turns out to be my billion-dollar enemy.
Yeah, I’m screwed—and unfortunately not that way.

I meet a handsome man at the bar, the kind you only dream about. You know the one? He drinks his whiskey neat and power oozes from his suit-clad form. The night we spend together is perfect—I’ll treasure the memory for as long as I live.

Until I discover who he is.

Who’s the billionaire asshole trying to tear down my bookstore? My one-night stand. Correction: my rich, handsome, calculating one-night stand.
I hate his determination and his ruthlessness. I hate the way he smirks and the thick fall of his hair. But most of all, I hate that I can’t look at him without remembering our night together—a night he’s keen to repeat.

During the day, we’re at war.
At night, we’re lovers.
Sorry. I think they call it, ahem, fudge buddies.
The two things are strictly separated.

No funny business. No emotions.
And definitely no falling for him.

Billion Dollar Beast (Seattle Billionaires Book 2) by Olivia Hayle

Published 30th October 2020

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 288

Billion Dollar Beast (Seattle Billionaires Book 2)

My brother’s billionaire best friend is my new boss.
The same man who’s hated me for years, you ask? Yep, the very one.

Nicholas Park has the worst reputation in the city. He isn’t a man you befriend—trust me, I’ve tried.
No, he’s made it crystal clear what he thinks of me. Vain. Spoiled. Undeserving. I could probably continue, but then I’d have to ask Nick for his list, and he’d say no.
Courtesy of my brother, Nick reluctantly offers me a consulting job at his firm. He expects me to turn it down, of course.

I accept out of spite.

Three months of arguments and dark stares. Of sudden, stolen kisses at company parties. The heat between us grows, bursting into a wildfire that threatens to consume me whole.
Nick has pushed me away all these years for a reason. For your own good, as he says. I’m not the man for you.

But I refuse to listen.
We’re done playing it safe.

Billion Dollar Catch (Seattle Billionaires Book 3)

Published 2nd December 2020

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 246

Billion Dollar Catch (Seattle Billionaires Book 3)

House-sitting a mansion for the summer sounds easy, right?
Until my rich, single dad neighbor catches me in a compromising position.

Hint: I’d just taken off my bikini top.
He’s billionaire Ethan Carter, a living legend in the tech world and father to two adorable little girls.
Oh, and he’s the kind of ruggedly handsome that belongs in a calendar with firefighters and puppies. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” he says, grinning.

The catch? He can afford to live here—I can’t.

Differences in income and age make anything more unthinkable, not to mention he’s coming off a terrible divorce and has no time to himself.
We agree we can’t be anything more, even as neighborly drinks turn into not-so-neighborly kisses, and kisses turn into… well.

Let’s just say he finds creative ways for us to use my kitchen counter.
He doesn’t know if he’s ready to trust again.
I don’t know if I’m ready to give my heart.

But as summer ends, we might not have choice in the matter.

Billion Dollar Fiance (Seattle Billionaires Book 4)

Published 10th February 2021

Format: Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Editions
Pages: 250

Billion Dollar Fiancé (Seattle Billionaires Book 4)

Liam Carter was once my best friend and childhood crush.
Now he’s a playboy billionaire in need of a fake fiancée.

The first time I meet Liam again after fifteen years, I ruin his suit with marinara sauce at a fancy party. I’m the caterer, he’s the guest. It’s only mildly humiliating.
But the second time I see him? That’s when he pops the question all girls long to hear. Will you be my fake fiancée?

Apparently, he needs to shed his playboy image, and fast.

Liam’s nothing like the boy I remember. Tall, broad and poured into tailored suits, he now has more money than he can count.
In exchange for my help, he vows to make my cheating ex jealous, showing up to my job with roses in hand and crooked smiles.
It’s a game, just like the ones we played as kids.
Well, maybe not just like those—they never involved heated kisses.

But as make-believe bleeds into reality, I can’t stop wondering…
are we too different now to make something last?

About The Author – Olivia Hayle

Olivia loves billionaire heroes despite never having met one in person. Taking matters into her own hands, she creates them on the page instead. Stern, charming, cold or brooding, so far she’s never met a (fictional) billionaire she didn’t like.

A voracious reader of romance, Olivia picked up the pen a few years back and what followed was nothing short of a love affair of her own. Now she spends her days giggling at the steamy banter she’s writing or swooning at their happily-ever-afters.

Smart and sexy romance—those are her lead themes.

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