Snackable Science experiments – 60 edible tests to try and taste

Snackable Science experiments

Snackable Science experiments – 60 edible tests to try and taste

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Emma Vanstone is a busy mum of four and understands the challenge that parents can face when it comes to making learning fun. Her book This Is Rocket Science was a huge hit amongst parents, teachers and most importantly children. Her new book Snackable Science Experiments offers children (and parents) the opportunity to get hands-on with edible tests to try and taste.

When it comes to getting your children to complete educational activities at home. It can be somewhat of an uphill task, especially as they older. Deeming these activities as boring and something that they should do at school not at home. Even before they have been told what they are going to be doing.

Snackable Science Experiments

Snackable Science experiments - 60 edible tests to try and taste

Each experiment uses edible ingredients to reveal the properties of the food we eat every day. Using the acid in vinegar to dissolve eggshells, baking soda to make The Best Fizzy Lemonade or boiling water to make Ice Cubes in a Flash. Each project helps you understand the how and why of the world around you. With 60 unique scientific projects, Snackable Science Experiments will entertain and amaze for hours on end!

What’s included?

Divided into seven chapters the book gives a little introduction to the experiments included within that chapter. Highlighting the learning properties and intrigues the children with how each experiment works in advance of getting hands-on.

  1. Investigate – Investigate your way around the kitchen with these exciting and almost entirely edible experiments.
  2. Create – Use the power of science to discover how to put ice cream in a hot oven without it melting.
  3. Build – Indulge your inner Willy Wonka by building a chocolate bridge reinforced with wafers or liquorice.
  4. Explore – Have you ever wondered what makes up the cells in your body, what DNA looks like and what lies under the top layer of soil? The chapter uses cake and candy to model things you probably didn’t even know existed.
  5. Discover – Do you know why pretzels are a dark brown and why toast always seems to hit the ground butter-side down?
  6. Imagine – Imagine a cake with raisins that don’t sink to the bottom, cress growing with no soil, a fruit salad that doesn’t turn brown and ice cubes made from hot water!
  7. Invent – This chapter is all about creativity in the kitchen. Invent your own chocolate bar and design packaging to keep it fresh.
Snackable Science experiments - 60 edible tests to try and taste

Thoughts on Snackable Science Experiments

As a parent with somewhat limited skills when it comes to setting up science experiments for the children. I love that Emma has taken the time to note down an introduction to the experiment at hand, everything that is needed to complete the experiment, as well as full instructions on how to carry it out. A good mix of experiments spread across seven areas with a number that is able to be completed by the children themselves. With those requiring adult supervision clearly visible.

Snackable Science experiments - 60 edible tests to try and taste

Where can you buy Snackable Science Experiments?

Snackable Science Experiments is available to buy from Amazon, currently available in paperback and Kindle versions.

About the author – Emma Vanstone

Emma Vanstone is the author of This Is Rocket Science and creator of the award-winning blog Science Sparks. She has a degree in microbiology and virology and is passionate about making science fun for kids.

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