Love on the Court Series (3 Books) by Tia Souders

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Fall in love with three swoon-worthy basketball romances in the Love On The Court series from Tia Souders. Full of laugh out loud moments with swoon-worthy kisses. Perfect for the romantic in all of us.

Love on the Court Series by Tia Souders

Fake Dating Her Best Friend’s Brother (Love on the Court #1) by Tia Souders

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Callie is up for a big promotion at work, one that will help ease her strained finances. However, in order to be in with a chance at landing the role she needs to prove to her boss that she is taking steps to reduce her $20k debts. With her parents dying when she was finishing high school, she has taken solace in shopping to push away her grief and loneliness. After talking about her dilemma with her best friend Jinny and Jinny’s older brother Dean she decides a second job is the only solution. With her best friend mentioning an ad for escorts.

Dean has been living his dream of being in the NBA. Playing basketball is all he has ever wanted but it’s a shame his love life isn’t quite as straightforward. Having broke up with his sports journalist girlfriend after he confessed long-held feelings for someone else. Callie is that someone else but she is his younger sister’s best friend and he has known her all her life.

He doesn’t like the idea that she’ll be working as an escort to earn extra money. Coming up with a plan to fake date her and pay her the $20k she needs to clear her debts. With the plan to win back his ex-girlfriend or at least that is what he tells Callie. Instead, he hopes that she will fall in love with him.

As they navigate six weeks of fake dating the lines feel as though they are blurring for Callie leaving her scared about what would happen if they were to break up. She would lose the only family she has left as well as her best friend.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Trying to Hate the Player (Love on the Court #2) by Tia Souders

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jinny has worked long and hard to qualify as a sports therapist with her landing her dream job at the Pittsburgh Pumas NBA team. Although when she realises that her first patient will be Emmett she is not happy. After injuring his ACL he is facing months of rehab and physio a the hands of Jinny something he is quite pleased about. However, as his teammate’s little sister she is off-limits. Something he has been cruel to be kind to her in order to keep her at arm’s length.

Navigating their dislike for each other whilst an underlying attraction plays proves difficult. There are so many reasons why anything between them cannot work, however, they are pulled together like magnets. But when another suitor is jealous of Emmett they find themselves in hot water and forced to take a step back. Can Emmett prove that his playboy lifestyle is just an image, not a reality? Is Jinny willing to risk her relationship with her brother for Emmett?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Resisting the Bad Boy (Love On the Court #3) by Tia Souders

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After having been burnt by her last basketball player relationship Maya has sworn off men especially if they are in the NBA. As a sports journalist, Maya is surrounded by basketball players all the time so when she gets the opportunity to interview Jordan who is being traded to the Pumas she thinks it will be just another interview. But she is taken back by him as soon as he walks out onto the set.

Jordan is in serious need of good PR after a series of fights, charges, news stories and game bans. His move to the Pittsburgh Pumas is his final chance and needs to make the effort to control his temper. Getting involved in an autism charity that Maya volunteers for as her younger brother has autism. She is non too pleased to see the bad boy getting involved and feels he is just going to let everyone down as he usually does.

Opening up to Maya about the reasons behind the news reports and assault charges she gets a glimpse at the real Jordan. However, as he continues to help his mum and get nowhere, Maya is the one to stress that not everyone wants to be saved, As they work together on the autism fundraising gala they spend time together, along with her brother Scottie and the Puma teammates. Keeping things on a friendship level even though Jordan wants more from Maya. Are they both able to overcome their overprotectiveness for loved ones in their lives?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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