STORM Enterprises Series by BJ Alpha (7 Books)

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STORM Enterprises Series by BJ Alpha (7 Books)

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Storm Enterprises is a stand-alone interconnecting series based on insanely hot billionaire best friends and the feisty heroines that come into their lives. Written by BJ Alpha author of the Secrets & Lies Series, these books are full of drama, steamy sexual scenes, romantic suspense and dark romance, so please check your triggers.

STORM Enterprises Series Reading Order

The STORM Enterprise series from author BJ Alpha features five standalone, interconnecting novels and two interconnecting (spin-off) books. Whilst the books are standalone it is easier to digest a series in the following reading order.

Shaw (STORM Enterprises Book 1) by BJ Alpha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 11 May 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 342

Shaw (STORM Enterprises Book 1) by BJ Alpha

Red dress, red lips, red heels. Red, the young woman I spent one night in Vegas fulfilling a need I never knew existed.
By morning, she was gone, taking a part of me with her . . .
Until her demanding family quite literally slams into my life and leaves me with no other option but to marry her.
They’re none too happy that I defiled the Mafia Princess promised to another man, and now, I’ve no choice but to go along with their plans or risk not only my life but hers too.

Can we make this work in both our worlds or will the perfect out be just that?
I never intended to fall for my wife, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t plan to fall for me either.

I’ve spent my life being what everyone else wanted me to be. So I wanted one night. One night of my choosing before I had to sacrifice myself for the Organization.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
What happened in Vegas threw me a curveball, and my brother is demanding I marry the man I only know as Blue.

But when he’s forced into our world and has no choice but to leave behind the woman he loves, can he do it, for us?
Or will our demons catch up and tear our marriage apart?
I’m falling for him when all I should care about is keeping us safe.
I only hope he cares enough about us too.

Totally Booked UK review: Emilia Varros was looking for one night of freedom, the chance to make her own choices before she resigned herself to the future that had been laid out for her. Slipping her guard a sleeping tablet she has been waiting for it to take effect as she sits in the casino. Seizing her opportunity she dashes from the table followed by the insanely hot billionaire she had been checking out across the room. One night of passion with the man she names Blue, giving her virginity away on her terms.

Shaw Grant has been in an on-off relationship with Lizzie for years. A break saw him enjoying one night with a beauty in a red dress, red lips, and red heels he called Red five months ago. Succumbing to Lizzie’s tears again they are back together much to the disappointment of his friends. However, a surprise visit to the STORM Enterprises office by Luca Varros has him discovering that not only did the beauty he slept with give him her virginity, but she is also a mafia princess who is carrying his baby.

Falling pregnant has put a spanner in the works for the mafia family arranged marriage she was supposed to endure. Emi finds herself having to marry Shaw who needs to break up with his girlfriend first. Despite the option to live separate lives once married. Shaw is determined to make the arrangement work and be there for both Emi and their baby.  Lizzie struggling to come to terms with fact that someone else has got everything from Shaw that she wanted – she will stop at nothing to get him back will Shaw realise what is happening before it’s too late?

Veiled In Hate (STORM Enterprises Book 1.5) by BJ Alpha

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 20 July 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 360

Veiled In Hate is a standalone Dark Mafia Romance based on Luca from Shaw: STORM Enterprises

Veiled In Hate (STORM Enterprises Book 1.5) by BJ Alpha

I’m filled with darkness, thriving on the only thing I feel, hate.
The blood I’ve shed to avenge my sister’s death has done nothing to appease me.
When my don creates an alliance between our enemies to create peace, I’ve no choice but to comply.
That doesn’t mean I’ll make it easy for her—the Ricci Princess.
She will be the perfect target for my hate.
Hate has never felt so good.
In blood we’re bound. In trust we live.

He hates every fibre of my being.
Luca Varros tried to end my bloodline in a quest for vengeance. He refuses to listen to reason.
When we’re forced together as part of an alliance, he turns his hate toward me.
But I see beyond his darkness, I see a glimmer of a man I will him to become.
And when my own veil of hate is about to slip, I’m reminded of the truth.
Luca Varros feels nothing. His quest for vengeance will always come first.
In blood we’re bound. In truth we live.

Totally Booked UK review: Capo Luca Varros would do anything for his family, including wiping out as many of the Ricci mafia family members as possible following the death of his sister Eleanor. Don Lorenzo put a stop to the rampage and is now wishing to breach the divide between the families through marriage. Plotting with Dario Ricci to marry Luca to his niece Camille, the twin sister of the person who he believes raped and murdered his sister.

Camille Ricci always knew that there was an expiration date on her life at college. With just one year left until she graduates in medical law she’d hoped to complete her degree but spotting a black SUV she realises her life is about to change. Taken aback when her uncle declares that she is to marry Luca – the man responsible for killing her brother and other family members. Her role is simply to give him an heir and then she can live her life separately from him.

Conflicted about how much she affects him Luca attempts to keep her at arm’s length. Performing his marital duties to prove she was a virgin and that the marriage is consummated. Although determined not to give their families the heir they want he forces her to get the conceptive injection. Lines begin to blur between them as they spend time together but they are just like Romeo & Juliet or Shakespeare as Luca is the one that created the war. But as secrets are revealed can Luca deal with the outcome?

Tate (STORM Enterprises Book 2) by BJ Alpha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 12 October 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 346

Tate (STORM Enterprises Book 2) by BJ Alpha

One night turned my world upside down, leaving me craving more.
Yet, when I discover her age, I’ve no choice but to let her go and spend the next four years trying to block her out of my memory.
Until an intern struts into my office and I’m catapulted back in time. Only this time, she’s older, wiser, and feistier. And I’m determined never to let her go again.
We’ll be the perfect family. Everything we both always wanted.
But when her past catches up with her, can we fight it and finally fly together or will it destroy us in the process.

My last summer of freedom leaves me desperate for more.
With my life about to change, I grab it with both hands and embrace it. Revel in it.
After all, I’m about to sign my life away to a monster.
When I finally break free from the chains that confined me, I’m determined to shed my broken wings and take everything that belongs to me.

Totally Booked UK review: Four years ago Tate Kavanagh was attending a party thrown by his adoptive parents. Casting his eyes around the party at the socialites and acquaintances that always attend until his eyes fall on a beauty in a red dress and matching red lips. Spending an unbelievable night with her until he is about to sit down for breakfast and introduced to the foster children staying with his parents for the summer – which include Ava, the beauty from the party who just celebrated her 18th birthday.

The summer of fun Ava had with Tate is one of the things that has helped her get through the last few years. Enduring so much to gain custody of her younger brother Todd. Working at STORM Enterprises she is forced to attend a design meeting when her path crosses with Tate again. The chemistry still very much sparking between them despite the years that has passed. But as she starts to work on the campaign he begins to make demands and changes to her work life without her approval.

Feeling guilty for not pursuing the love he felt for Ava four years ago due to her age, Tate is jumping into their relationship now with both feet, He is ready to have her barefoot and pregnant as soon as possible. But Ava has endured some difficult things in their time apart which has Tate regretting walking away from her all over again. As her past life comes knocking on her present will Tate be able to make tough decisions to save the woman he loves?

Office Infatuation (STORM Enterprises Book 2.5) by BJ Alpha

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 19 October 2023
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition
Pages 31

Office Infatuation (STORM Enterprises Book 2.5) by BJ Alpha

A short story, based on an office romance within the company Flawless, previously mentioned in Tate: STORM Enterprises Series.
*Previously published in the RARELondon23 Anthology.

Libby hates her womanising boss, but can she hate him forever?

Totally Booked UK review: Wiping down the wall in Sean Anderson’s office, Libby can’t help but wonder why he can’t sleep with women in a bed rather than in his office. She used to only clean his office occasionally, however, for the past 5 months it has been on her regular schedule. Frequently interacts with the insanely hot billionaire as she cleans his attached bathroom around him working.

There is something about Libby that awakens Sean’s urges, however, after seeing his father work his way through the staff members he isn’t about to sleep with his cleaner – no matter how much he would like to. He looks forward to their quick interactions and her snide remarks about his sex life. Switching to using condoms to masturbate after she had commented that he was going through a lot of Kleenex.

An accident leaves Sean in the emergency room and he’s a little surprised to find Libby walking into his room to assess his injuries. Dr Libby Quincy has student debts to pay off so works as a cleaner to top up her earnings. Sean is unable to understand the two halves of Libby’s life but realises that he’s able to finally act on his desires for her.

Owen (STORM Enterprises Book 3) by BJ Alpha

Published 4 September 2024
Dual POV

Format: Paperback and Kindle Edition

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