Wonderland Trilogy (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Alta Hensley

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Wonderland Trilogy (Reading Order – 4 Books) by Alta Hensley

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Are you ready to step inside the Wonderland Trilogy from Alta Hensley as part of the Midnight Dynasty World featuring the Morelli and Constantine families? Join Byrant Morelli’s secret love child Lyriope Bailey as she becomes indebted to Nick Hudson and falls into Wonderland.

Wonderland Trilogy by Alta Hensley

The White Rabbit (Wonderland Trilogy Prequel)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

THE WHITE RABBIT is a short prologue novella to the Wonderland trilogy by Alta Hensley. Step through the looking glass into this sensual, breathtaking world.

Attending the Morelli Gala, Lyriope is confined to standing in the shadows. As the love child of Byrant Morelli and his mistress, she doesn’t necessarily have a right to be at the party. Knowing she should head out soon she spots Nick Hudson, the owner and billionaire recluse of Wonderland (a notorious sex event), making eye contact before he disappears. Suddenly spotting the Russians arriving at the Gala, Lyriope needs to find an alternative exit as she is in no position to pay back the money her family owes.

Hiding away from the party Nick is pleased to find Lyriope seeking a hiding place too. Knowing about the bounty on her head he has put a halt to the troubles that plague her. Naturally, he is looking for something in return but can he get her to agree?

Needing more than one night’s protection Lyriope makes a counteroffer to Nick but can she prove she is woman enough, dark enough to warrant the conditions she is requesting?

Is she ready to discover Wonderland?

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“I can’t go back to yesterday–because I was a different person then.” – Alice

King of Spades (Wonderland Trilogy Book 1)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Nick Hudson has a dangerous reputation.
That’s what I need if I’m going to survive.
Desperation makes me seek out a ruthlessly powerful billionaire.

A month after the Morelli Gala and Lyriope Bailey is heading to Wonderland with her cousin Sasha. Whilst Sasha Morelli has an invite she is hoping to be let in as her plus one. Excited at the prospect of discovering what Wonderland is all about, whilst apprehensive about seeing Nick Hudson – the man who granted her a reprieve from her debt-riddled life. The Russian mafia appears to be keeping their distance, yet this doesn’t mean she is home safe – in fact, she is currently living in her car.

Putting the final touches on Wonderland, Nick is informed by his right-hand man Harrison that there is an extra Morelli visiting tonight – Lyriope Morelli! Amused to find that she has come seeking him out after their unfinished business on their first meeting. Yet angered that she is daring to use the Morelli name and putting herself in harm’s way.

An attempted kidnapping on the dance floor of Wonderland leads to Lyriope coming face to face with Nick. His demands that she return home with him do not go down well – especially when she sees the contract he wishes for her to sign. Indebted to him she questions how she will ever get herself out of his grasp – although she is finding herself wishing to be dominated by him, he is holding her virginity on a pedestal refusing to renegotiate the contract.

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Queen of Hearts (Wonderland Trilogy Book 2)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

No matter how far I run, Nick Hudson finds me

With the help of her cousin, Lyriope has managed to escape Bishops Landing believing that it is best that she doesn’t pull Nick into her problems any further. Assuming the identity of Sasha Morelli she flees the US to Florence, Italy to stay in one of the Morelli vacation homes.

Returning after dealing with the boat fire Nick cannot believe that Lyriope has gone. Even more so when his initial thought that someone had come in and taken her was unfounded as the security footage shows her simply walking out the front gate. Discovering where she has gone he acts impulsively and jets out to Italy, much to the dismay of his right-hand man. Covering his tracks by opting to host a Wonderland whilst he is here to get Lyriope back under his control.

Unsurprised to find that nick has found her but still attempts to push him away for his own safety. They embark on a romantic stay at an Italian village that Nick owns whilst forgetting about the war raging within Lyriope’s life. Falling for Nick is something she knows she shouldn’t do but can’t herself as they finally fulfil the terms of the contract and Nick takes her virginity. But as Wonderland approaches, life is catching up with them and both are in for some startling realities.

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“I will sit with you in the dark.” – Mad Hatter

Ace of Diamonds (Wonderland Trilogy Book 3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The winner takes all…

Finding herself in her father’s presence and somewhat acknowledged as a Morelli, should bring to life most of Lyriope’s dreams. The reality is that she is brought back to the US under a veil of silence from her father, with the knowledge that she is to be wed to the Sidovac family. Bit by bit she is starting to realise that being a Morelli isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and is more about power and fear. Meeting her fiancé doesn’t bring any future warmth to her heart either. The spotty nephew of her captures seems more interested in his phone.

Watching Lyriope leave was hard for Nick although he could kind of understand her reasons, especially relating to her father and the Morelli family – even if he believes she is living with false hope of a warm reception. Sneaking into the Morelli compound he gives her a night to remember, and he has hopes that it will have a lasting consequence. Leaving her in a blaze of glory he sets about arranging the next Wonderland event with an open invitation to the Morellis’.

Life as a Morelli is not going to plan for Lyriope, although a night at Wonderland is the perfect distraction for her. Pushing both her boundaries and Nick’s as she makes requests for how the evening will go. Surprising Nick with how much she has grown from the shy virgin he once found at a Christmas party. Despite plans to keep her and hide her away from the world he opts to let her plans follow through, although the arranged marriage isn’t going as smooth as her father hoped. Will she realise what she wants in life and be brave enough to go for it?

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