Heartlanders Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} By Kelsey Humphreys

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Heartlanders Series {Reading Order – 5 Books} By Kelsey Humphreys

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Jump into the swoony love stories of each of the five Canton sisters —Susan, Sadie, Skye, Samantha, and Sally in the Heartlanders series. You’ll love getting lost in the family business, Canton Cards, an Oklahoma-based international stationery line that has spread the sisters across the globe. Still, you can take the girl out of the Heartland but…

Each instalment is smart, steamy, full length, and complete with surprise twists, laugh-out-loud banter, a happily ever after, and a sisters group text thread you’ll wish you could join. They can be read alone but it is much more fun to read them in order!

Heartlanders Series By Kelsey Humphreys

Things I Always Wanted: A Best Friends to Lovers Romantic Comedy (Heartlanders Prequel)

Published 26th October 2022

This is the prequel to the Heartlanders Series, featuring this couples’ five daughters.

Brilliant, introverted, painfully logical med school student Sandra Hayes realizes she might finally be able to move on from her childhood crush with her hot new Anatomy T.A. The only problem is, she doesn’t know how to flirt or even date. Who better to teach her than her outgoing, magnetic best friend Jonny – who happens to be the aforementioned crush?… Anyone. Almost anyone else would have been a better option.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Things I Should Have Said: An Introvert/Extrovert Romantic Comedy (Heartlanders Book 1)

Published 1st November 2022

When an introverted artist catches feelings for an extroverted executive, exactly how sweaty, awkward and embarrassingly painful will her fall be? (Spoiler alert: very.)

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Things I Overshared: An Extrovert/Introvert Romantic Comedy (Heartlanders Book 2)

Published 6th December 2022

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you’ve ever been told you’re too much…
Samantha Canton feels your pain. She knows she is, well, a lot. It’s been a rough year, to put it mildly, so she is overjoyed to find out she gets to go on her dream work trip to Europe. But she’s not going alone. She’ll be crossing the pond with the company’s CFO, Emerson Clark.

Extrovert Samantha Canton has been working in the New York office of her family’s card business for the past few years. She is the first to admit that she overshares, is always ready to chat with someone new and remembers little facts and details about them to aid her both professionally and to make them feel appreciated. She has been planning a six-week trip to Europe for her Sales Director boss, however, a call from one of her sisters alerts her to the fact that she’ll be heading off on the tour instead.

Whilst she is able to win over almost anyone she meets, there is one person in the office who has never warmed to her – Emerson Clark. The same man who will be accompanying her on the trip to Europe to meet with buyers, clients and suppliers. With two weeks until they leave she attempts to win the introverted CFO over in Operation Thaw but it does not go to plan. Despite her best efforts, she declares war against him, hoping that he’ll hate all the meet-and-greets that she has arranged during the trip.

Life in the spotlight has brought its fair share of tribulations for Samantha, something she attempts to push to the back of her mind. Comments from Emerson, however, have her questioning the way she behaves, the things she says etc. But she can’t stop the growing attraction she feels towards him. Can she ever get him to notice her for who she is rather than Shallow Sam who overshares too much?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

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