Anna Ray Books {In Order}

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Anna Ray Books {In Order}

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Anna Ray lives in California with her husband, two cats and an impressive book collection. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Anna forged a successful career in sales management. She is a bit obsessive when it comes to writing. If she’s not writing, you’ll undoubtedly find her with her nose buried deep in a book, or binge-watching bad TV shows.

Standalone Books from Anna Ray

Fighter (2021)

True love sounds great until it shows up on your doorstep wrapped in a warning label.

Addicted (2021)

Reunited after all this time.

Savage (2021)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Get ready for this enemy to lovers mafia romance. Hazel Brentwood is in search of her biological parents, something she has thought about for many years but after finding some notes left behind by her adopted brother she heads off to gain some help. Callum O’Daire is the last person she wants to ask for help but as his name was written next to the info she had he must know something and be able to help right?

Hazel becomes the thorn in Callum’s side, the bad penny that just keeps returning, Finding her way into his house, at his meetings etc all to gain his help. But as Callum has a huge chip on his shoulder where the Brentwood family are concerned he is less than willing to help. Although he finds himself helping anyway, convincing himself it is only to get her out of his life, it appears there is a much stronger pull between them.

A push and pull romance, family secrets and lies as well as heartbreaking discoveries.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Book Series from Anna Ray

Dangerous Mafia Royals Series (1 Book) by Anna Ray

Luciano Castelli

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Buckle up for an in-depth journey with Luc and MJ (Marie-Joelle) meeting for the first time at the Coop (a coffee shop in Wicker Park). They both are having bad days despite being first thing in the morning, neither making a great impression on each other. Luc attempts to flirt and get under her skin whilst MJ channels her rebellious side, rebuffering his charm. Each has their own issues with their fathers, something that comes out as they end up at the same charity gala that evening and both volunteered to work on a charity event together.

Following them battling their own demons as well as overcoming obstacles and chalks thrown in their paths. Attempting to get over their first impressions of each other and form a friendship. Slowly acknowledging their feelings for each other, a slow-burn romance that has you rooting for them but also wishing that they would just get together already. With a bigger picture scam happening Luc is willing to do anything to protect his family and most importantly MJ.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Mafia Sinners Series (3 Books) by Anna Ray

The Mafia Sinners series from Anna Ray features three alpha mafia sinners who take you a rollercoaster of a ride through enemies to lovers, an arranged marriage and dark mafia romance.

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