Mafia Sinners Series (3 Books) by Anna Ray

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Mafia Sinners Series (3 Books) by Anna Ray

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The Mafia Sinners series from Anna Ray features three alpha mafia sinners who take you a rollercoaster of a ride through enemies to lovers, an arranged marriage and dark mafia romance.

Mafia Sinners Series by Anna Ray

Tempted (Mafia Sinners Book 1) by Anna Ray

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Mixing business and pleasure was one thing, but no one said anything about mixing in love.

Daniel is yet again having to endure interviews for a new assistant. With HR breathing down his neck to not sleep with this next one as the recruitment process is a costly nightmare. Working his way through the interviews, he dismisses them for various reasons until Laura walks through the door and his attention is captured by her, Hiring her on the spot, requesting she signs an NDA and starting the following day.

Laura needs this new job to help pay for her mother’s cancer treatment. Knowing that it would be full-on in advance and the reality is two different things. Especially when the first meeting she needs to attend with Daniel is held at a strip club. Whilst Daniel has kept his business on the straight and narrow, his father is in debt up to his eyeballs and has arranged for Daniel to meet the uncle of his ex-girlfriend. Looking to store illegal weapons for a large fee each month and writing off his father’s debts Daniel is making a deal with the devil.

Complications with the deal arise when Sal (the uncle) takes a shine to Laura and wants her for himself. Plus Daniel’s ex is back in the picture stirring up trouble too. Can Daniel work out what is more important to him in time?

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Trapped (Mafia Sinners Book 2)

All’s fair in love and war, right? But what happens when the line between the two becomes blurred?

Ten years ago Massimo lost his father, mother and sister and has been seeking revenge ever since. Acting as the second in command to one of the biggest mob bosses in Chicago he finally gains confirmation that a rival mob boss killed his family. Whilst his father was playing both sides and arguably deserved the hit, his mother and sister were innocents and they deserve revenge.

Alessandra lives her life under the ever-watchful eye of her father and his many guards. Attempting a slice of normality she heads to a club with her best friend where she meets Massimo and they get chatting. Drugging her and kidnapping her back to a secure home his plan for revenge is starting to fall into place. With the daughter of his families killer under his protection, all he needs is for her father to take the bait and answer the ransom demand.

Weeks pass as Alessandra and Massimo live side by side in the house. Waiting for her father to agree to the demands. An unlikely friendship and love form between them. Making Massimo question his revenge plot – but his mother and sister deserve to be avenged. How can he do this without losing Alessandra?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

Collided (Mafia Sinners Book 3)

They say keep your enemies close. But what if you fell in love with your worst enemy?

Despite being the only daughter out of five siblings, Chiara hopes that she has shown her worth to her mafia don father. Which she has but not in the way she thinks – he has lost the family’s money and has sold her hand in marriage to Luca. Clearly not impressed with the arrangement she agrees to meet with him and is surprised when she finds herself attracted to him.

Luca has waited many years to get revenge on Chiara’s family. With him believing that her father killed his parents in a car accident. The arranged marriage will be an act of lasting revenge but one that Luca wasn’t prepared to feel things for Chiara.

Whilst their relationship appears to be going better than either anticipated they have some family obstacles to overcome. A fast-paced mafia read that finds an arrangement becoming so much more. 

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition

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