Create Your Own Kindness by Becky Goddard-Hill


Create Your Own Kindness by Becky Goddard-Hill

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Life can be so busy and often we don’t realise that small acts of kindness can not only make us feel good, but they can transform someone’s day. However, as we go about our daily lives, where can you Create Your Own Kindness? It is easier than you might think to share random acts of kindness or to show someone that you are thinking of them or are thankful for them. So I wanted to share with you what you could do.

The importance of kindness

Before we get started, it is worth mentioning the importance of kindness. Not only is it something that can make someone feel better, but as a parent, you can set a great example to your children that kindness is an important aspect of life. You can also encourage them with a Create Your Own Kindness book where they will feel inspired to spread the joy.

Ways you can Create Your Own Kindness

Create Your Own Kindness - how to use this book


One of the first things that you could do would be to smile more often. Smiling at people who pass you by. Smile when you are buying something and you are at the checkout. You don’t know what is going in the heads of people you come into contact with. A simple smile can make the world of difference and can encourage them to feel a little better.

Give to a foodbank

Now more than ever there are families in need of food donations. Giving to a foodbank, whatever you can, could make the difference to how much a family can eat that week. It might be that you buy an extra tin or two of vegetables or fruit, or maybe you regularly declutter your food cupboards and donate what you haven’t used. A little can go a long way.

Thank the people you may take for granted

Maybe you want to thank the people we might all take for granted. This is a great way to encourage children o show gratitude and kindness. You could create pictures with a note that you display on your window to thank delivery people or post officers. Or maybe you add a message to your recycling bin on bin day. It is a great way to get children involved and a lovely idea to share the importance of kindness and thank people for their services.

Rock painting

Rock painting is another great way to show kindness and to get children involved. Find some rocks and paint messages of hope, kind words, or just colourful pictures. Hide them for people to find and feel encouraged by what they see. There are even Facebook groups that you could get involved in within the community. It is a small thing but could be a great activity to do with children and to show the importance of being kind.

Sending thank you notes or letters

There is a lost art in the form of messages and letters. So if you want to show kindness then you may want to take some time to write some thank you notes and letters. It could be to thank people for gifts or attend an event. It might be that you want to send people who are important to you that you are thankful for them to be in your life. We don’t often receive letters that are not in the form of bank statements or bills, so to get something so personal could be a really touching thing to do.

Create Your Own Kindness

Visit older relatives

As our lives can be so busy, we can often forget that there are people in our lives that we may not see as often. One being elderly friends and relatives. We don’t mean to not visit, but a few weeks can easily turn into a few months. If they are not as mobile as they once were, they may go a few days without having a proper conversation or seeing anyone. Which is sad.

So you may want to show a little bit of kindness by visiting those elderly relatives of yours. Getting the children to go along with you could make their day. It might also be a nice thing to visit local older people within the community who may not have any family or friends to support them.

Volunteer within your community

Finally, if you want to show and create your own kindness then a great way to do this would be to volunteer within the community. You may be wondering what it is you can do, but there are plenty of ways you can help. Getting involved with local charities or food banks. Or even helping clean up the local community areas. Iy could make a big difference to the area you live in and for the people who use the areas regularly.

Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration on how you can create your own kindness and spread a little more joy every day.

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