7 of the best holiday reads for 2022

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7 of the best holiday reads for 2022

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When it comes to reading there is one place that many of us see as the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good book and that is on holiday. Not all of us have the time, energy, or lust to read a book before bed. As much as we would like to. As a holiday is a break away from your usual routine you may find that you have the enthusiasm to get stuck into a good book. But what are the must-read holiday reads you should be reading?

I have found some of the best holiday reads for 2022. From uplifting tales to eureka moments, there is something for everyone. I hope you enjoy them! 

Must-read holiday reads of 2022!

The most fun we ever had – Claire Lombardo 

This is a great story that will have you gripped from start to finish. It follows a family from their marriage in the 1970s to life now with grown-up daughters. They are a complicated family with flaws, plenty of ups and downs, and lots of life drama in between. It really is a book that you will enjoy from start to finish and possibly relate to parts of their lives as it documents their complex family life. 

Stepping Up – Sarah Turner

Sarah has been mostly known as The Unmumsy Mum and has hilariously documented motherhood in three books to which many women can relate. She has now turned her writing skills to fiction with her first novel Stepping Up having just been recently released.

The book is all about Beth, who has only ever been able to commit to Friday night drinks. Failed relationships, too many jobs and still sleeping in her childhood bedroom her world changes overnight when she becomes the guardian of her teenage niece and toddler nephew. There is a real mix of humour and seriousness in this book. A great option for a holiday read. 

Eve of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher 

Set in a very strange future where there hasn’t been a girl born for fifty years, a girl is finally welcomed into the world. They called her Eve. She lived in the tower, guarded by the mothers as she was the last girl on Earth. But as she has been fully aware of the human race and what is expected of her, when she turns 16 she knows it is time to face her fate. A gripping read and the first in a set of books that you will like to devour.

This is also the first book that Giovanna and tom have co-written, having always been successful authors, amongst other things, in their own right. If you like that sort of science fiction type genre then this one is for you. 

Walking on Sunshine – Giovanna Fletcher 

Sticking with the Fletcher’s we have Giovanna’s latest release Walking on Sunshine. Giovanna’s unique and positive storytelling flows through yet again with this book as a tale of friendship and love. It follows a group of friends embarking on a holiday. Mike loses Pia, his partner of 17 years, and as all good friends do, their best friends rally around to support him and lift his spirits. Pia left a plan, a set of instructions for Mike and their friends to follow in a way to come to terms with their loss.

They all have their own personal turmoils to deal with and at one point the list sends them trekking to Peru, with just their faith to guide them on this trip of a lifetime. A positive book that you will likely not put down. 

Us Three – Ruth Jones 

Another great tale of friendship follows three best friends who made an oath back in primary school to always be there for one another. After a trip of a lifetime together, they are all on a high but then an unexpected turn of events shocks their friendship to the core leaving their futures in doubt. It seems that there is too much to forgive and forget, and their pact from years ago seems impossible to keep. Or is it?

This is a heartwarming tale packed with empathy and positivity and a great beach read. There is an element of humour and down-to-earthiness in the storytelling from Ruth Jones. You will love this one!

Sorry not Sorry – Sophie Ranald 

A delectable romantic comedy that will have you gripped from the start. It follows an unlucky in love Charlotte who hasn’t been near the opposite sex in an intimate way for well over a year and she is starting to question what is wrong? She’s stuck in a rut and doesn’t know how to get out of it. Something I think many of us will relate to.

She decides it is time to step out of her comfort zone when it comes to her romantic life. Will she have success? Will she find love? You have to read “sorry not sorry” to find out. A wonderful tale of love, confidence, and trying new things. It will definitely have you rooting for Charlotte as she navigates this new chapter in her life. 

The year I met you – Cecelia Ahern

A great read and one that has been around for a while but still has the scope and is relatable today. Cecelia Ahern is a talented writer, and this story follows Jasmine. She thought her world was coming to an end when she lost her job. Having focused so much of her time and effort on her career and sister, her life makes a complete u-turn to be all about the house she bought and was yet to spend much time in, the garden, and the neighbours she had been too busy to meet. But being fired was just the beginning of things that will completely change her life for the better.

A real uplifting read for when you think life is done with you. 

Filled with positivity and lots of uplifting tales I hope you have found something to read on your next holiday. If you have any recommendations let me know!

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