How you can encourage reading with your child

How you can encourage reading with your child

How you can encourage reading with your child

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As a parent, we only want to do our best for our children. It often means we are left worrying about how we can help them in all aspects of their lives as they are growing up, and not sure where to focus our energy. We all do our best, there is no denying that, and while not all of us are equipped to help with homework or education, the one thing we can encourage is reading. Helping your child develop a love for books is a fantastic gift to give your children. They can learn so much from reading, and it can help in other areas of their education as they grow in confidence. 

How you can encourage reading

You may be wondering how you can encourage reading more, or perhaps want a little more insight into the type of genres your child might be interested in. If this is the case, then hopefully some of the things highlighted below could help you. 

Where to get your books from?

Often the problem you face is wondering where to get your books from. Ordering online might feel like a bit of a minefield because you don’t get the benefit of looking at the book or making a judgment about whether it is suitable for your child. Such as the wording size or the language used. This is when websites like Books2Door could be useful. Not only does it have a great selection of books available, but you can also read a little synopsis that suggests the age range, the genre, and also what the book is about. This can give you confidence when ordering books online. 

how you can encourage reading

How to encourage your child to read more

Helping your child read more might feel like a battle at first. Not all children are willing or are prepared to agree with you that reading can be fun and thrilling. So there are a few things that you can do that might help encourage your child to read more. 

Make time for reading 

One of the best ways to encourage reading is to make more time for it. The more you enable the chance of reading, the more your child might be encouraged to do it. A great chance to do this is in the evening when you will want to encourage time off screens as they get ready for bed. 

Read with your child

Another great way to encourage reading is to do it with your child. It might be that you sit before bed and read together, or take time out on the weekend to enjoy a book. This could be a great opportunity to read classic tales or harder books together where you know they will enjoy the story. 

Make sure the book is suitable for your child’s age and reading ability 

If you feel like you are getting negativity towards reading by your little one then make sure they have books that are suitable for their age and more importantly their reading ability. If it feels too hard, they won’t be encouraged to do it. 

Create an area for reading 

Sometimes having a place dedicated to reading can help someone to want to do it more. A space in their room with comfy cushions and blankets with access to their books, a reading nook in your home, or just a place where it is a little quiet away from distractions. 

Encourage reading to younger siblings

A great way to encourage reading is to ask them to read to younger siblings. It won’t feel like much of a chore doing this, and it can be a lovely way for them to bond. 

Find a genre that will suit your child’s personality and interests

Finally, find a genre that will suit your child’s personality and interests. If they are more interested in the story or book, they will be more inclined to read it. 

how you can encourage reading

What sort of books should you try?

If you are wanting to find a book that will interest your child, there are a few different genres to look into. Here are some of the most common ones that should help you get started. 

  • Realistic fiction – This is a genre of stories that are made up, but realistically could happen. They tend to be set in realistic environments and talk about things that could happen in real life. 
  • Historical fiction – This is a genre of stories that didn’t happen in real life, but are based on past historical events and environments. They are a great choice for children who love to explore the past. They tend to be full of big adventures. 
  • Traditional literature – This is a genre of stories that tend to be passed down from generation to generation. Books filled with tall tales and fold tales. 
  • Science fiction – This is a genre of stories that are likely to not happen but are set in the future. They tend to cover artificial intelligence, science, and technology advances and are usually stories captured by the imagination of someone who is predicting what the future might look like. 
  • Fantasy – This is a genre of made-up stories focusing on the supernatural and magic. Stories that might include fairies or magical creatures like talking animals. 
  • Mystery – This is the perfect genre for any child who loves to figure things out. Stories that are based on crime or secret that needs to be solved. 
  • Informational/Non-fiction – These books tend to be based on real-life events or things that are real. Informational and factual and can be about anything from science to nature. 
  • Biography – A biography is an account of someone’s life written by somebody else. They are great for children who want to know more about someone they look up to. 
  • Autobiography – This is the same as a biography accept the book is written by the person it is about. 
  • Poetry – This is a genre where there are verses, that may or may not rhyme, are collated together to evoke a feeling from the reader. 

Hopefully, these tips and book genres will help you encourage your child to read a little more.

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