Love Comes Later Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} by Serenity Woods

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Love Comes Later Series {Reading Order – 3 Books} by Serenity Woods

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Following the lives of three friends and business partners in this Love Comes Later Series from Serenity Woods. These are hot and steamy, so if you don’t like spice then you look away.

Love Comes Later Series by Serenity Woods

My Christmas Fiancé (Love Comes Later Book1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you write an email to your best friend stating how you dream about covering your gorgeous boss in melted chocolate and then licking it all off, don’t send it to All Staff. Poor Meg. A hot and sexy marriage-of-convenience romance.

Seven months ago, Stratton ended his five-year relationship with Natalie. Whilst they were compatible in the bedroom and had a shared interest in a charity that was close to both of their hearts. They spent most of the time having the same heated discussion about why he did not want to get married or have children. Despite a legitimate reason for not wanting children due to a gene mutation that may be passed on, she believed he would give her what she wanted if he loved her. Unable to give up on him she continues her quest for the CEO of the tech company.

Making the move from Christchurch to Auckland was a big decision for Meg. Bringing her 13-year-old son Oscar with her and leaving her family behind. Grateful that she was able to land a PA position for a tech firm four months ago. Instantly drawn to the CEO, Stratton at her interview, she has kept her feelings under wrap – not least because he and the other executives believe that she is married.

Deciding that he needs Natalie to understand once and for all that they will not be getting back together, Stratton concocts a plan to hire a fake fiancé for the Christmas season. Tasking Meg to do this on his behalf, she turns to an escort company with unexpected results. An email sent to all staff instead of her friend has Meg mortified as her feelings for Stratton are exposed, but even more so when her past catches up with her in the lobby. Stratton thinks that Meg should be his fake fiancé to help them both leave their pasts behind them – but their feelings are anything but fake.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

My New Year Fling (Love Comes Later Book 2)

A steamy holiday fling is all that Jess and Rich are looking for when they meet on the beach. They’re both hiding secrets they’re convinced will end their brief relationship. But sometimes love is powerful enough to overcome the past…

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

My Valentine Seduction (Love Comes Later Book 3)

Teddi has faced a mountain of challenges in her life, not the least of them being blind, but she discovers that nothing is as hard as trying to win over Ethan’s two daughters. Love like this doesn’t come around every day, though, and when Teddi puts her mind to something, she tends to get what she wants…

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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