Wilder Adventures (4 Books) by Serena Bell

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Meet the Wilder Brothers. They run Wilder Adventures, an outdoor adventuring business in Rush Creek, Oregon, where the West meets the Pacific Northwest. They’re rough, rugged, and always ready to roll out their sleeping bags.

But the adventuring business is not what it once was. Overnight, Rush Creek has become a wedding and spa destination—and the five Wilder brothers are scrambling to retool their business.

And none of them is prepared for the smart, sexy, up-for-anything women who come with this new territory. As the brothers’ race to turn charter fishing into girls’-night-on-a-boat and river rafting into standup paddleboard yoga, the new women of Rush Creek will teach five smoking hot heroes that it’s always Wilder in the woods.

Wilder Adventures by Serena Bell

Make Me Wilder (Wilder Adventures Book 1)

This tent is too small for the both of us. And I like it that way. 

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Walk on the Wilder Side (Wilder Adventures Book 2)

His best friend’s sister is rocking his boat. In the best way possible.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Wilder With You (Wilder Adventures Book 3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Who knew pretending could be so hot?

Jessa believes that your ringtone should change to alert you that the call is a bad news type of call. Finding out that her friend and business partner is no longer able to attend a wilderness retreat she ponders whether to pull out herself but as she’ll be moving in a few months she needs to embrace the opportunity she has on her doorstep. Not that it helps that Clark Wilder is running the trip, her former book club friend’s husband (Emma passed away two years ago), who can’t seem to say more than three words to her at a time.

Diversifying the Wilder Adventures trips has been great for business, although Clark still isn’t sold on some of the more luxury/glamping style trips that they now offer. Stuck in the van with his sister he cornered with talk about how he needs to move on and how pretty Jessa is etc. Finding out that she got divorced last year after her author husband cheated on her.

A woeful take but brought to reality when he spots that the cheating ex is on the trip with his new girlfriend and rubs it in Jessa’s face. Jumping to rescue without thinking he tells her ex that they are dating. Cueing funny looks from two of his siblings who are also on the trip.

Keen to get her ex off her back and Clark to have his family lighten up on getting back out there, they agree to fake date for the weekend. However, family interference leads to them extending the timescale but with kisses shared they opt for fake dating but real kisses and intimacy – but there was also going to be an expiration date on this, especially when things start to feel a little too real.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

A Little Wilder (Wilder Adventures Book 4)

What happened in Vegas? Definitely didn’t stay in Vegas. 

Available to pre-order from Amazon in Kindle Edition – due for release on 15th December 2022

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