Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals


Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals

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Uncover the lives of 50 powerful gods and goddesses, Earth-dwelling mortals and terrifying monsters as we journey back in time to ancient Greece.

When I started high school one of the lessons on my timetable was Classics. A lesson dedicated to studying Greek Mythology. Set aside from being covered in my usual history lessons, Classics lessons offered me the chance to delve deeper into the world of ancient Greece. Covering the gods and goddesses, the monsters and the mortals that made up that era.

It was one of my favourite lessons, as learnt more about each topic I was more and more fascinated about the stories, the legends, the myths that surrounded each of the gods. Unfortunately, a change in high schools when we relocated from Cumbria to Norfolk meant that I wasn’t able to continue studying ancient Greece. Something that I would have liked the option to pursue.

So when the children tell me that they are focusing on ancient Greece or a particular Greek god, I’m always happy to help. Although my knowledge is a little rusty, to say the least, so thankfully the new Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals is the perfect companion to have for helping with studies or just because you wish to know more about 50 of the god, monsters and mortals from Greek mythology.

Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals

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Written by Stephen Kershaw
Illustrated by Victoria Topping
Published by Wide Eyed Editions

From the fearless Athena and her meddlesome ways to the brace and bold Odysseus and his remarkable journey home, the Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals book is the perfect introduction to 50 of the most exciting characters of ancient Greek mythology.

Featuring full-colour artwork from the brilliantly talented Victoria Topping and written by Steve Kershaw, prepare to be amazed as you uncover the epic, heroic and sometimes terrible lives of mortals, monsters and gods.

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Greek mythology is everywhere

Superstar footballers have the Midas touch, fashion designers have their Muses, we undertake Herculean tasks, we make personal Odysseys, and we all have our Achilles heels. This book gives a selection of some of the greatest mortals, immortals and monsters in Greek mythology.

Greek mythology and Text

Mythologica Gods & Goddesses

  • Aphrodite – was the goddess of love. She grew in the foam of the sea, which the Greeks called aphros, which is where her name comes from.
  • Hermes – was the messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travellers, sport, athletes, border crossings, and also serves as the guide to the Underworld.
  • Helen of Troy – was the face that launched a thousand ships. Helen was widely regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world and played an integral part in sparking the Trojan war after she ran away from her husband with the prince of Troy, Paris.
  • Pegasus – was an immortal, winged horse. He was the offspring of Medusa and Poseidon.

Where can you buy the Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals book?

The Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals is available to buy from Amazon and all leading book retailers.

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What we thought of Mythologica: An encyclopaedia of gods, monsters and mortals

Divided into three sections, Gods, Mortals and Monsters the book features a double-page spread for each of the personalities included. Each section includes the most wonderful illustrations from Victoria Topping. Making the book colourful, bright and interesting for children to read and explore. Alongside details of where they are believed to have been found. As well as key things that they are said to have done during their time.

Covering 50 gods, mortals and monsters it is a great resource book for when the children wish to look up a particular name. As well as providing bitesize chunks of information on each one so that they are able to take in the information rather than having to digest large paragraphs.

Myth and Monster

About The Author – Stephen Kershaw

Stephen Kershaw wrote his PhD under Richard Buxton, arguably the leading scholar on Greek myth in the world. He has taught Classics in numerous establishments, including Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and Warwick University. He runs the European Studies Classical Tour for Rhodes College and the University of the South.

About The Illustrator – Victoria Topping

Victoria Topping lives in Bath and has worked as an artist and illustrator since graduating with a BA in Illustration in 2008. She uses multiple textures and images to create her work and uses a fusion of technology and traditional techniques – often using photography, painting, gold-leafing and cut up collage which is then digitally scanned and arranged on the computer. Her work is heavily influenced by music and Victoria aims to give each piece of artwork its own unique soul, through harnessing a blend of spirituality, culture, the cosmos and mother earth.

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