The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe

The Christmas Present - Snowglobe

The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe

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I have this thing about Christmas, to me, Christmas is not just relegated to December. Why should we only talk, plan and celebrate the magic of Christmas for just one month out of the entire year? Especially when we as parents are telling our little ones that they had better have been good ALL year as Santa is always watching. Although there is something special about having to wait for eleven months before the magic is unleashed yet again.

Each year I look for ways in which I can make Christmas a little more special, more meaningful, more memorable for the children (and a little bit for myself too). This Christmas I have something special for us all to enjoy as part of the run-up to Christmas. A way to countdown the days, reaffirm our belief in Santa and ensure that we are always leaning towards the good list. This year I have a copy of The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe, featuring Gabriel The Elf.

The Christmas Present written by Alexander McCabe

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Did you know that at the very moment you were born Mrs Claus allocated you an elf? It’s true! Your very own elf who watches to see when you have been naughty and nice. Every year, just before Christmas, your elf reports to Santa and Mrs Claus so they can decide what presents you can have from your list.

Yet there are some people who don’t believe in Santa. I know, it’s crazy…but it’s true! Once they stop believing in Santa, then their elf is banished from the North Pole and only allowed to return when they start believing in him again.

Gabriel the Elf is worried. His child is beginning to think that Santa isn’t real. He doesn’t want to be sent away from all his friends at the North Pole, but what can he do? There is only one thing he can do…

He must prove Santa is real.

What I thought of The Christmas Present…

I have to confess that I have not yet shared the story of The Christmas Present with the children. It is something that I am waiting for until December 1st – alongside the arrival of the Christmas tree and decorations. I have, however, enjoyed the story a couple of times as it is such a heartwarming Christmas tale. One that makes you stop and think about Christmas.

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The book is not like your typical Christmas book in that it comprises 96 pages, so a much more substantial read than the ones you have read previously. Separated into chapters, it makes it much easier for you to read one each night over the course of a week or so rather than digesting a whole story start to finish in one sitting (and possibly never read again).

Throughout the chapters, you are treated to full-page illustrations which can help to bring the story alive – especially for younger children. Although having read the story I do feel it is aimed at children aged 6-11 years. But I’m sure Piglet will be happy to sit and snuggle whilst the story is read either by myself or one of her older siblings.

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The Christmas present snowglobe

The Christmas Present story is available to buy on its own or as part of a special gift set. The gift set contains a copy of the book as well as a special snowglobe to help bring the magic of the story alive – plus who doesn’t love snowglobes? Both of these are then housed in a beautiful box, which not only makes it the perfect gift, but also something that will be brought out each Christmas and enjoyed time and time again.

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Where can you buy The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe?

The Christmas Present book and gift sets are available to buy from Amazon and WHSmith branches. Alexander McCabe will also be hosting some book signings at selected WHSmith stores across the UK. For further details head over to his events page.

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