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100 Screen-Free Ways to Beat Boredom by Kris Hirschmann

100 screen-free ways to beat boredom A

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Pocket your smartphone, put away your tablet, and unplug your games console! This book has the perfect screen-free ways to beat boredom for when you’re trapped indoors.

With the children home for an extended period of time, I, like other parents have been looking at ways to entertain, occupy and keep them out of mischief. Whilst technology can play a part in our lives it shouldn’t be the first thing that we reach for when we hear those dreaded words…

“Mum, I’m bored!’

Thankfully, we have been sent a copy of 100 screen-free ways to beat boredom – a fantastic book to help fend off boredom whilst keeping the children occupied and creative, all whilst not staring at a screen!

100 Screen-free ways to beat boredom

100 screen-free ways to beat boredom A
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Packed with activity ideas and step-by-step projects, this book proves you don’t need a lot of special materials, toys or planning to have a great time away from the screen. With activities, games and crafts to do around the home, outdoors or on the move, you’ll never run out of screen-free ways to beat boredom!

Split across three categories of at home, outdoors and on the move. It is packed full of different ideas, activities, games and creative things that the children can get involved in. All in a bid to beat boredom. Although some of the activities are not practical at the moment due to social distancing, they are food for thought for the future.

It is a book that can be used by parents to set up activity ideas for their children. Or utilised by older children on their own or with siblings.

Boredom busting ideas

  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Start a herb garden
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Make napkin roses
  • Create an artful sandwich and lots more.
100 screen-free ways to beat boredom A
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100 screen-free ways to beat boredom A
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Our thoughts

A wonderful way for children to get out of their bored state. As well as an opportunity to learn through play and allow their creative flair to grow. Packed full of fun activities utilising things found around the house and garden. Prompting the children to utilise their imaginations and find pleasure in the things around them. As well as sharing the love by writing letters to friends and family members – sending happy post to brighten someone’s day.

Where can you buy 100 screen-free ways to beat boredom?

The 100 screen-free ways to beat boredom paperback book is available to buy from Amazon and all leading book retailers.

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