The Petrov Mafia Series {Reading Order – 4 Books} by Ivy Davis

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The Petrov Mafia Series {Reading Order – 4 Books} by Ivy Davis

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Power, corruption, innocence, and marriage. The Petrov Mafia Series follows four siblings as they each find love through arranged marriages, heartbreak, frustrations, desire, and love will reign supreme in this series.

Welcome to the world of the Russian Mafia.

The Petrov Mafia Series by Ivy Davis

Merciless Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Petrov Mafia Book 1)

Published 6th September 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Maxim Patrov and Arina Smirnoff

His duty was to choose me but his desire claimed me…
I am married off to the head of the Bratva, Maxim Petrov.
Taken from my safe home,
I’m thrust into an entirely new world:
One filled without mercy.

As the new head of the Petrov Mafia, Maxim feels the weight upon his shoulders. Not only ensuring his father’s men bend the knee to him but that his family are taken care of. A complicated relationship with his father has Maxim not wishing to follow in all of his footsteps. He realises that the best way to cement relationships in his Bratva is to marry one of his men’s daughters. Catching a glimpse of Arina Smirnoff at the funeral has him making his mind up about his future wife.

Attending the Petrov funeral Arina can’t help but think that this might be her mom’s funeral in a few months as she is battling breast cancer. Feeling eyes on her she looks up to see Maxim looking her way. Little did she know that he’d be asking her father for her hand in marriage later that day. As a mafia daughter, she knew that she’d have to marry for the good of the family. Accepting her fate she attempts to get to know his family but his mother is clearly not happy with his choice.

Although it is an arranged marriage, Arina has hopes that love will form over time, until Maxim points out that this is a marriage of convenience and she will be a trophy wife for events etc. There will be no love, he cannot afford weaknesses in his line of work. Devastated by this revelation she attempts to navigate her new reality, but it appears that fate may be able to make Maxim realise that not all weaknesses are bad.

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Wrathful Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Petrov Mafia Book 2)

Published 27th September 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Elena Petrov and Nikolay Volkov

I hated him but he claimed me anyway…
Known as the Ice Princess of the Bratva,
I have never let a man get close to me.
That is until Nikolay Volkov entered my life.

At twenty-five, Elena Petrov is considered an old maid by Bratva’s mafia marriage standards. With the majority of Bratva Princesses married off by the time they are twenty. Elena, however, had loved her life with a very controlling father who hid her away from the world until she was twenty. Refusing to allow her to get married. Now that he has died she hopes that she’ll gain more freedom and say in her life. Although her older brother Maxim appears to have taken over the role of life controller. alongside her mother who is constantly criticising her, Elean has developed an Ice Princess reputation, guarding herself against the world.

Nikolay Volkov has been best friends with Maxim since they were children. Honoured to be placed as his second in command when he took control of the Petrov mafia. Alongside his work for the Bratva, Nik likes nothing more than to rile Elena up, something he seems to be able to do by only looking at her. Sniggering his way through the prospective husbands that have been lined up for her. Loving that she is finding fault with them all. That is until she refuses to choose one and Maxim takes the decision out of her hands and arranges for Nik to marry her.

Elena doesn’t think that Maxim is serious about her marrying Nik but he is. Furious she makes him get involved in the wedding planning but it doesn’t go according to plan leaving her even more riled up. Unable to let her Ice Princess facade drop means that Nik pushes her boundaries further as he wants her to live and be happy but she is so used to being controlled – will she ever be able to just live?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Untamed Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Petrov Mafia Book 3)

Published 18th October 2022

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Alexei Petrov and Anastasia Fedorav

I was always the good girl… until I met him.
Alexei Petrov, a troublesome bad boy.
We are forced into a marriage by our families.
He’s wild and dangerously charming.
I’m poised and elegant.
We’re expected to get along and be happy.
I’m not sure how I can be content with a man who’s so different from me.

Alexei Petrov has always been the wild child, the one to act first and think later. Despite the attempts from his family and his big brother Maxim who is head of the Petrov Bratva, Alexei still manages to cause issues. Four years ago he blew up a rival’s bar which has seen him on menial tasks ever since. So a surprise meeting with the head of the Irish Mafia should be straightforward – not with Alexei., A punch to the face, a shoot out and ultimately killing the boss. Maxim has had enough and decides it’s time for the 27-year-old to get married.

Anastasia Fedorav has been raised knowing that her aim in life is to be a good wife to her mafia husband, She can cook, play the piano, sews and everything a man would need in a good wife. Hearing that her father has made a match for her she prepares to meet her husband, but she was not ready for the rudeness and disrespect from Alexei, Having their first disagreement before the terms of their marriage are agreed upon. Deciding to give him the benefit of doubt Ana continues with the wedding planning, done her way much to the annoyance of Alexei’s mother.

They say that opposites attract, but it appears that Alexei and Ana disagree about everything. Alexei is content with continuing to take risks with his life and Ana is unable to see past the role she has been born to fulfil. Through disagreements and altercations, they begin to navigate through married life but are they willing to compromise to make this work?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

Captive Union: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance (The Petrov Mafia Book 4)

Published 8th November 2022

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kira Petrov and Erik Novikoff

I’ve never had a voice… until he gave me one.
As the youngest in my family, I’ve always been shy.
That is until Erik Novikoff enters my life in a blaze of gunshots.
He takes me captive.
Stripped away from my family,
I’m terrified of being held hostage.

Kira Petrov is the youngest sibling and was the surprise baby for her parents. This has led to her having somewhat of a different childhood from her older siblings. Maxim in particular took the brunt of their father’s wrath and protects her from the world. To all that know her she is the shy, bashful Petroc who likes to sit quietly and read. This is partly true, however, she learnt long ago that she is better to be seen and not heard. Nobody listens to her opinions on anything, not least her mother.

Having watched his father be killed in front of him by the hand of Maxim Petrov, Erik Novikoff attempted to brush off being banished from the Petrov Bratva. Alexei Petrov went one step further and burnt down the restaurant his father gave him and the last tie he had to him, sent Erik over the edge. Seeking revenge for their actions has been at the forefront of his mind ever since. A few missed chances have had him planning a new angle for the last year – kidnap and marry Kira Petrov.

Taken captive by Erik following a shootout at a party, Kira is confused as to why he would want her. Surprised by his actions, even more, when he declares that they are to be married to perform a lasting act of revenge against her family. But he also tells her that he desires her and will not force himself on her. Conflicted over the power of words and actions, Erike allows and encourages her to have whilst sad about losing her family. How can she fall for her family’s enemy?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Editions.

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