The Saints Series: Reading Order (5 Books) by Michelle Heard

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The Saints Series: Reading Order (5 Books) by Michelle Heard

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The Saints Series from Michelle Heard features a collection of five dark mafia/bratva romance standalone books. The books contain subject matter that may be sensitive for some readers. Dark and triggering content between the pages, suitable for ages 18+.

Alliances are made. Loyalty is owned. Love is taken.

The Saints Series by Michelle Heard

  • Merciless Saints – Damien Vetrov
  • Cruel Saints – Lucian Cotroni
  • Ruthless Saints – Carson Koslov
  • Tears Of Betrayal – Demitri Vetrov
  • Tears Of Salvation – Alexei Koslov

Merciless Saints (The Saints Series Book 1)

Published 24th April 2021

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

I’ll show everyone I’m a threat, and they will fear me.
For my family. I have to protect them.

The second I hear the name Damien Vetrov I know I’m in trouble.
He’s an arrogant Russian God.
Only, I have zero intention of bowing to him. Ever.
Attractive and lethal. He’s such an intoxicating mixture.

Cruel Saints (The Saints Series Book 2)

Published 31st May 2021

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

Little did I know my love and freedom would be taken to form a new alliance.

Brutal, possessive, and dangerous, Lucian is feared by all. Including myself.
When his father is assassinated, Lucian takes his rightful place as head of the Cotroni family. They rule the Mafia with an iron fist, and he’s set his sights on my family.
Until now, we’ve been the only threat, but when a new one emerges, my father is forced to arrange a marriage between Lucian and myself.

Ruthless Saints (The Saints Series Book 3)

Published 28th June 2021

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

I move in the shadow of death. I’m the villain. The monster everyone fears.
I’ve been born into a life of depravity and ruthlessness. It’s kill or be killed.

Until her…
The moment she smiles at me, my world changes.
I keep coming back. Watching her brings me stolen moments of peace.

Until I can’t stay away…
She doesn’t know who I am, that she’s flirting with death.
Slowly we fall deeper until she loves the lies I’ve told her.

Tears of Betrayal (The Saints Series Book 4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Available to buy from Amazon

Published 30th August 2021

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

My father is the head of the Bratva, but being born out of wedlock, I’ve never been a part of that world.
Until a hit is taken out on me. I’m kidnapped in the dead of night and waking up, it’s to come face to face with Demitri Vetrov.

Dangerous and heartless, Demitri is the most feared man in the world. I’ve heard whispers of what he’s capable of.

Twenty-three-year-old Ariana lives a relatively normal life in Seattle. recently downsizing to an apartment in order to use her father’s monthly stipend to pay for her mother’s nursing care (who has Alzheimer’s and has forgotten all about Ariana). Working as a makeup artist and attempting to make a name for herself on social media. So far so good, however, her father is the head of the Russian Bratva and Ariana is the product of an affair he had. Although he has been part of her life and she knows her half-brother Yuri too.

It’s been ten years since Demetri Vetrov pledged allegiance to Alexei Koslov. Leading to them becoming a powerful and unstoppable duo. Receiving a contract query from Carson about a hit on an innocent woman Demetri looks into things. Finding out that Ariana is the somewhat unknown Bratva Princess and that her half-brother wants her dead. With the father’s health failing, Yuri is wanting to clear the way for himself to take over. However, Demetri kidnaps Ariana in order to protect her until they have confirmation on things from her father.

Unsure as to why anyone would want her dead Ariana pushes back against Demetri. Fighting every step of the way until reality comes knocking for her and she gives in to the building chemistry between them. But she isn’t sure if her feelings for him are real or just due to forced proximity. Guarding her with his life Demetri is there every step of the way throughout heartbreaking revelations for Ariana. With his attention needed to protect Alexei, will Ariana prove to be too much of a distraction?

Tears of Salvation (The Saints Series Book 5)

Published 6th October 2021

Format: Paperback and Kindle Editions

I was the party crasher.
He was the Devil.

Three months ago, I suffered a moment of insanity and had a one-night stand without even knowing who the man was.
It was hot and unforgettable.
I tried to forget him, but there are moments I swear I can still smell his aftershave.

Little did I know he’s the head of the Bratva.
Alexei Koslov.

My family’s worst enemy.

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and I’m straddling it.

About The Author: Michelle Heard

Michelle Heard is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon #3 Bestselling romance author. She writes emotional heart-shattering stories with a whole lot of Mafia & Romance that will leave you smiling with satisfaction. Every book has an unexpected twist that will show the strength of the characters who have to fight for their HEA.

Before becoming an author, Michelle had a career in banking. She lives in South Africa with her son.

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